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TrustInSoft Enters the Automotive Market with Exhaustive Static Code Analysis Tool For Safety and Cybersecurity Critical Software

TrustInSoft, the leader in exhaustive C/C++ software source code analysis, announced, that they have expanded into the Automotive market in addition to their collaboration in...
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TrustInSoft Offers Free Application Security Testing Program For Google Summer Of Code Projects

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Guarantee Your C/C++ Code Submission Is Bug Free, Safe and Secure To Win TrustInSoft, a cybersecurity software company, announced a free o**** for an Application...
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TrustInSoft Mathematically Guarantees Zero Bug Vehicles with New Application Security Test

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Automated Formal Methods Testing for Automotive and Autonomous Driving Application Software Ensures Bulletproof Code for Real World Applications TrustInSoft, a cybersecurity software company, announced a...