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Month : May 2022

CIO Influence News Networking Security

Vertiv Signs Channel Distribution Agreement with Tech First Gulf (TFG) Covering East Africa

Vertiv will enhance TFG’s existing portfolio with its cost-efficient, high-performance power and infrastructure support solutions for edge applications Access Multimedia Content Vertiv a global provider...
Apps CIO Influence News

UnifyTwin Launches Intelligent Industrial App Suite Addressing Industry 5.0 Transformation With Proven Business Outcomes

UnifyTwin announces the launch of Intelligent Industrial App Suite, which offers five business apps to address various aspects of the industrial life cycle driving towards sustainable business outcomes. These apps...
CIO Influence News Datacentre

NFINIT Invests $8 Million in Cloud Infrastructure and Data Center Upgrades to Boost Energy Efficiency by 20% and Maintain Uptime Excellence

NFINIT, a LightEdge company, is undergoing an $8 million upgrade across its two San Diego data centers to boost energy efficiency and critical infrastructure reliability. As part of this upgrade,...