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Blockchain is a way of securely recording information and is highly resistant to tampering, hacking, or alteration. Blockchain functions through a distributed ledger system. In such a system, transactions are replicated and distributed across the network of computers participating in it.

This technology keeps the data of transactions, called blocks, in more than one database, called the “chain,” in a network that has peer-to-peer nodes, which is also termed a digital ledger.

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Quantum Xchange Tracks Post-Quantum Standardization Progress With Dynamic Dashboards for Enterprises

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Quantum Security Innovator Responds to Global Need for Enterprise Cryptographic Visibility In Anticipation of NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography Standard Quantum Xchange delivering the future of encryption with...
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Interlock Launches ThreatSlayer Web3 Security Extension and Incentivized Crowdsourced Internet Security Community

Uses blockchain and Web3 to incentivize users to participate and share essential threat data Interlock announced a Web3, incentivized crowdsourced internet security community that aims to...
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Waterfall Network Announces Jeff McDonald as Director of Community

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The blockchain data innovator and pioneer will help lead the innovative layer one (L1) blockchain’s consensus and governance initiatives Waterfall Network, the fast-flowing, layer one...