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IDC: Telco Cloud Software Market Set for $27B Growth by 2027 as Cloud-Native Adoption Soars

Business Wire
International Data Corporation (IDC) sees cloud-native deployment of telco network workloads accelerating in 2024. IDC forecasts worldwide revenue for telco cloud infrastructure software, including virtual...
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MacStadium Unveils Its Powerful Next-Generation Virtualization Platform, Orka 3.0

Business Wire
Purpose-built Kubernetes-native technology, nimble application productivity and revamped security features enable Mac developers to work efficiently while meeting strict security standards MacStadium, the industry-leading cloud...
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Honeycomb Unveils Kubernetes-Aware Observability to Solve Application Performance Mysteries

PR Newswire
Innovative application observability for developers correlates code performance with granular cluster data for easier debugging and migrations Honeycomb, a leading observability platform that enables engineering...