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Opto 22’s Groov Rio Firmware Version 3.5 Adds Real-Time Control to Remote I/O

Opto 22's groov RIO firmware version 3.5 adds real-time control to remote IO

Opto 22 announces the latest firmware version 3.5 for groov RIO edge I/O. This latest release includes the CODESYS runtime engine, allowing the groov RIO to now function as a real-time controller coupled with software-configurable I/O.

The new firmware for groov RIO delivers a compact, configurable, and secure PLC for end-user or OEM engineers, technicians, and developers with smaller industrial control applications. groov RIO with CODESYS embedded uniquely combines the power of an IEC-61131-3 programmable controller with 10 channels of universal, software-configurable I/O, plus state-of-the-art cybersecurity features, including account management, certificates, encryption, and network segmentation.

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groov RIO was introduced to the market in 2020. With this new free firmware update, all current groov RIO customers can update their existing RIOs to this latest version and gain these new capabilities.

groov RIO as a PLC. Security, control programming, and software-configurable I/O are now in the same compact groov RIO edge device. The on-board CODESYS runtime engine fully supports IEC-61131-3 control programs written in the programming language of your choice: structured text, ladder logic diagram, functional block diagram, and continuous or sequential function chart.

In previous firmware versions of groov RIO, control options relied on Python or Node-RED programming software. The CODESYS control engine now brings an additional programming option for industrial automation applications requiring more low-level control.

To use this new CODESYS runtime engine, users first download and install the free CODESYS Development System from the US CODESYS Store. Next, they download and install version or later of the free Opto 22 Library Package for the CODESYS Development System from Opto 22. They can then create an application and download it to groov RIO, making RIO a compact, self-sufficient, and secure PLC—great for machine-building where space is at a premium or where local I/O needs a small footprint.

The CODESYS runtime engine license (product number GROOV-LIC-CRE-RIO) is available for separate purchase from the Opto 22 website for a list price of $100 USD. Once purchased, the activation process generates a CODESYS license key, which is applied to the appropriate groov RIO device through the CODESYS Development System.

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Other features added to groov RIO firmware version 3.5:

  • Sparkplug 3 compatibility. The RIO 3.5 firmware now includes Sparkplug 3.0 protocol certification. groov RIO products now bear the “Sparkplug Compatible” label, ensuring that the Sparkplug specification has been verified and the product provides the highest level of compatibility.
  • Upgraded Node-RED software. This release also includes an update to Node-RED version 3.0, which offers enhancements like an improved context menu, debug path tooltips, and the ability to search all Node-RED flows continually.
  • Other notable features. End users will appreciate the additional User Interface options for I/O batch operations, MMP streaming, and Modbus.

For the groov RIO model GRV-R7-MM2001-10, version 3.5 firmware also includes an embedded software upgrade to Inductive Automation’s Ignition Edge version 8.1.21, improving security and performance.

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