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Netenrich: Shift into Data Analytics-Driven Autonomic Security Operations at Google Cloud Next ’23

Netenrich: Shift into Data Analytics-Driven Autonomic Security Operations at Google Cloud Next '23

Advanced data analytics, automation, and AI/ML transforms security operations at petabyte scale and speed as legacy security tools struggle with massive data, noise, and toil

Netenrich, featuring Resolution Intelligence Cloud™, a secure analytics operations company, announced its participation at Google Cloud Next ’23, on August 29 – 31, 2023, at booth #1631, Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. The company invites security and IT professionals to see how our Resolution Intelligence Cloud advances a modern SecOps approach to manage security aligned to business risk.

For enterprises and digital native businesses (including ISVs) looking to transform their operations, Resolution Intelligence Cloud is a clear choice. Unlike legacy SOC architectures and security tools that fail to scale and handle massive data, the Netenrich platform disrupts current architectures with a built-from-the-ground-up platform centered around data analytics, automation, and engineering-led operations.

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Security operations is a big data problem. The growing volume and complexity of data flowing in and out of organizations have created new challenges in managing digital risk. Existing SIEM solutions cannot scale with the velocity of data growth, without taxing security budgets and draining existing resources.

Harnessing the power of data analytics provided by Google Cloud, Resolution Intelligence Cloud takes a quantitative lifecycle approach to assessing, identifying, and managing digital risk to reduce the toil of security operations. The platform focuses on key areas, including:

  • Analytics-driven decision making to allow organizations to assess critical events, rapidly identify the best personnel to t**********, keep customers and stakeholders informed, and drive continuous improvement through rich postmortem analytics.

  • Situation analysis using quantitative risk scoring and contextual evidence to proactively assess threat likelihood and impact severity. By targeting and providing the right on-call personnel with a full view into a situation, teams can rapidly remediate and resolve issues–when applicable, through automation–while notifying stakeholders in the process.

  • Cross-functional communication and collaboration, so teams and key stakeholders can better coordinate actions for situation analysis with actionable insight.

  • Granular capture and analysis of event timelines to drive better prioritization and categorization to ensure that an organization remains focused on delivering the best customer experience and executing on the most important tasks.

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With Resolution Intelligence Cloud, Netenrich helps organizations become operationally mature as they shift to Autonomic Security Operations (ASO). The approach is a combination of philosophies, practices, and tools that improve an organization’s ability to withstand security attacks through an adaptive, agile, and highly automated approach to threat management.

The shift optimizes overall operations while maximizing security efficacy. Processes, workflows, and systems are improved. Human toil is reduced. The right people with the right expertise (high-level analysts and engineers) gain the time and insight to focus on high-value work. It’s about building operational scale to align security to business risk, and meeting the needs of the growing business.

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