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Tekumo Enters the Digital Media Support Vertical with OnPremise Networks

Tekumo Enters the Digital Media Support Vertical with OnPremise Networks

Balincan USA Inc. announces a support partnership with leading digital media provider, OnPremise Networks.

OnPremise Networks (OnPremise) creates a digital signage news and information network for community newspapers, magazines, and radio stations to expand their ad offering and enable significant and sustainable revenue growth. Service solutions and tracking is essential for OnPremise as it allows the company to quickly identify and respond to issues or anomalies in their networks.

Digitization of outdoor advertising is occurring at a rapid pace–between 2016 and 2023, the global digital out-of-home industry is expected to grow from $3.6 Billion to $8.4 Billion. Hardware and in-field IoT has the potential to revolutionize advertising by enabling advertisers to target consumers with personalized and relevant ads in real-time based on their location, behavior, and preferences. With IoT monitoring in real time, companies can focus on the age, gender, and other characteristics of people passing by and display ads can be tailored to a customer’s demographic.

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Facing the rapid growth of digital advertising, scalability is paramount.

“After several years of growth and projections of expansion into new geographies, we recognized that scaling the installation and maintenance services would be a challenge” states President Andrew McKenna. “Tekumo not only exceeded our expectations of reliability and quality, but through their TekumoPRO platform gave us access to a nationwide network of highly skilled technicians and real-time access to every step of our service engagements.”

By 2023, 50% of advertisers expect to invest in out-of-home digital networks, creating an ever-growing need for risk mitigation and service solutions that are manageable and sustainable by platform operators. “One of the key areas where we thrive in this sort of environment is giving our customers direct access into the Tekumo platform, and the rich real time data that it provides. This allows for scale, consistency, and quality of solutions” said Graham King, Chief Operating Officer of Tekumo.

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Tekumo offers three main product lines.

TekumoSMART delivers the complete service platform for smart connected devices. It installs, monitors, and manages sensors, devices gateways, hubs, and data for multiple verticals including Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU’s), Quick Service Restaurants (QSR’s), Assisted Living, Retail, Hospitality, Utilities, Builders, Insurance, and Healthcare – all with 24/7 onsite support.

TekumoIQ provides real-time data from all connected assets in a single pane-of-glass via Tekumo dashboards or directly delivered into any client ecosystem.

TekumoPRO is a service delivery platform that connects enterprises, retailers, and OEM’s with local skilled resources to install and maintain technology systems. It delivers a smarter dynamic workforce, intelligent automation, real-time visibility, and full integration into client service management systems.

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