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Solution eliminates the cost of loading and syncing data from all sources within the Ascend platform, allowing teams to focus on accelerating business value., The Data Automation Cloud, announced they have partnered with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to launch Free Ingest, a new feature that will reduce an enterprise’s data ingest cost and deliver data products up to 7x faster by ingesting data from all sources into the Snowflake Data Cloud quickly and easily.

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The new feature will address three critical ingest challenges: cost, complexity, and security. Although cloud adoption has pushed down IT infrastructure costs for many enterprises, data ingestion costs have become more of an obstacle in recent years. Enterprises find themselves in a bind: ingestion is an essential first step in the value chain of data, but traditional ingest providers often lock them into lengthy, rigid, and expensive contracts. With Free Ingest from, customers can take advantage of’s data ingest capabilities at no additional cost on the side.

“We have found that the cost of data ingest tools make them far too expensive at scale given they are just moving data from point A to point B,” said Ben Tallman, CTO of MScience. “In its place we are using a variety of cloud native and Snowflake capabilities to build our own ingestion framework. Free ingest from Ascend changes the math for us. We get all the benefits of a robust ingest platform seamlessly combined with robust transformation and orchestration capabilities. We expect to save significantly in the first six months alone.”

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As the number and variation of data sources increase, Free Ingest reduces this complexity by eliminating the need for disparate tools, open source, and do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches — a common workaround for enterprise data teams working with data from numerous sources. By harnessing the power of Ascend and Snowflake, data teams can now ingest any data from any location, and in just minutes begin releasing entirely new data products.

“Data ingestion is a necessary part of data workflows—but current solutions make ingest more costly and complex than it needs to be,” said Ascend CEO Sean Knapp. “We’re here to help our customers focus on the data transformation that produces real value, not just busywork. With Free Ingest, we’re backing up our promise to help our customers deliver value 7x faster—through both our standard-setting platform and our trusted partnership with Snowflake.”

Designed from the ground up for the modern cloud era, Ascend’s architecture supports industry leading security and supports both SaaS and private deployment models, with enterprises receiving a fully dedicated instance inside their own cloud account and network. This ensures that data from sources inside their network never leaves their security perimeter until it is loaded into Snowflake.

“Ascend’s solution is an example of the kind of innovation and value creation that partnerships with Snowflake can provide,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “We look forward to watching the benefits this new capability will provide to joint customers in the months to come.”

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