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LiveView Technologies raises the bar for video surveillance with agentless zero trust networking from NetFoundry

LiveView Technologies raises the bar for video surveillance with agentless zero trust networking from NetFoundry

NetFoundry and LiveView Technologies (LVT) announced the world’s first video surveillance platform with embedded zero trust networking. The platform delivers autonomous, secure and intelligent safety for some of the world’s largest companies.

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LVT’s mobile camera units can be deployed anywhere with NetFoundry’s Zero Trust Edge and IoT Platform. LVT’s customers deploy surveillance cameras and IoT sensors across the globe. The NetFoundry integration addresses a potential vulnerability by closing all inbound firewall ports for both edge cameras/IoT sensors and cloud assets, which means that all resources are now inaccessible from the network, massively reducing the risk from malicious actors.

Steve Lindsey, CTO and CIO of LVT, said: “Safety and security has always been a top priority at LVT. Our customers trust us, not only with their properties and physical assets, but with their data and information. By partnering with NetFoundry, we are continuing best security practices and reinforcing our commitment to protecting our customers.”

Galeal Zino, CEO of NetFoundry, stated: “Cybersecurity breaches like Log4j and REvil ransomware share a commonality: attackers use firewall ports as doors to enter networks and exploit vulnerabilities. LVT closed those doors, becoming the first surveillance provider to implement end-to-end zero trust to make all their cameras and cloud data unreachable from the networks.”

LVT rapidly deploys mobile security units anywhere for any scenario, including verticals such as retail, critical infrastructure, and emergency services. Customers get instant access to live surveillance streams and AI driven threat alerts, setting a new benchmark for the security industry. Customised cameras, IoT sensors, lighting, and speakers are provided as part of the service, and units are fully autonomous.

Lindsey said: “Our units are completely wireless and rely on cellular connectivity for data transfer. This type of connection has inherent weaknesses that must be addressed to prevent attackers accessing the cameras and/or the cloud servers. Our partnership with NetFoundry adds another layer of protection to our servers and our units at the edge.”

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LVT leverages NetFoundry’s Zero Trust Edge and IoT Platform for zero trust IoT endpoints which go anywhere: (1) agentless – baked into the IoT application software via the OpenZiti SDKs; (2) thin agents on IoT devices such as Nvidia Jetson and Raspberry Pi; (3) containers or VMs on edge and cloud servers, gateways, and modems.

The go-anywhere software and NetFoundry zero trust platform provide innovators such as LVT and Microsoft’s Azure Private Multi-access Edge Compute with multipoint, cloud-native, on-demand zero trust networking across private fabrics, consisting of NetFoundry hosted routers, deployed across the globe.

Dave Hart, CTO of NetFoundry, said: “Innovators like LVT who use our SDKs to embed zero trust networking within the process space of applications are improving business velocity by trading dependencies on islands of networking and security infrastructure for secure networking as code.”

The NetFoundry Zero Trust Edge and IoT Platform simplifies IoT management for companies like LVT by providing multicloud native networking between IoT applications, edge compute and cloud compute, all orchestrated from one platform with common identities and policies, regardless of different underlying edges, networks or clouds. The complexities, costs and vulnerabilities of VPNs, private APNs, custom CPEs, IP addresses and firewall rules are eliminated.

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