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Silex Insight eSecure Root of Trust is now supporting ZAYA microcontainers for enhanced security

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Silex Insight, a leading provider of cryptographic IP solutions, entered into a partnership arrangement with leading IoT security company ZAYA, who delivers a secure OS containerisation technology for microcontrollers, called ZAYA μContainers. The ZAYA μContainers can be added to Silex Insight’s eSecure Root of Trust module (and also be used in combination with their Crypto Coprocessor) for an enhanced security level, as it can run custom security extensions isolated from the rest of the application.

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Silex Insight’s advanced eSecure IP module, including security boot, sensitive key material and asset protection, is a complete solution that enables security applications to shield confidential information from untrusted applications running on a main processor. The eSecure module is highly configurable and thus provides a wide-range selection of security features, which can be adapted for any application for performance, area and energy consumption. Now, with their partnership with ZAYA, it offers built-in PSA level 3 isolation with enhanced security level as the eSecure’s critical security firmware, assets and private information will be isolated from the custom security extensions.


ZAYA secure OS enables enhanced security protection, as it offers isolation for the critical components from the rest of the system. ZAYA’s Secure OS is designed according to IoT security legislation and certifications such as PSA (Platform Security Architecture) and SESIP and was one of the world-first companies to achieve PSA Certification. It creates a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on the running environment, and ZAYA TEE handles all security requirements and sensitive operations/resources in the isolated TEE space.

ZAYA Secure OS also offers containerization for MMU-less microcontrollers. ZAYA μContainers are isolated multi-thread executables running on top of the ZAYA TEE and also independent binaries, so a stand-alone container can be installed and upgraded in the field as a deployment friendly solution.

“With Silex Insight’s eSecure Root of Trust turnkey solution together with ZAYA μContainers, customers can add their own custom secure application or crypto extensions in an isolated environment that demand the highest security on their devices”, said Pieter Willems, VP of Global Sales and Marketing of Silex Insight. “Our eSecure Root of Trust offers a complete solution to our customers. A solution, moreover, that can be tuned to the desired needs to arrive at the most efficient, cost-effective, and secure system”.

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“By partnering with Silex Insight, who has a rich history within embedded security and a proven technology, we know we are working with the best-in-class Root of Trust solution”, said Murat Cakmak, CEO at ZAYA. “ZAYA μContainers offers a certification friendly environment, thanks to its modular model and ideal for establishing a device Root of Trust based on Platform Security Architecture (PSA) guidelines. Another great benefit is that the microcontainers are independent executables/binaries that can be installed/upgraded, which makes them deployment friendly, reduced OTA package and network traffic”.

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