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Fidium Fiber’s Gig-Speed Internet and WiFi Solution is Now Available to Small Businesses

Fidium Fiber’s Gig-Speed Internet and WiFi Solution is Now Available to Small Businesses

Fidium’s multi-gig fiber internet with WiFi 6 is now available to small businesses in all Fidium communities, including: California, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont. The simple, affordable service gives entrepreneurs control over their internet network and WiFi empowering their business.

“We’re excited to bring Fidium Fiber’s gig-speed internet service to the entrepreneurs and small businesses who are the backbone of our communities,” said Rob Koester, senior vice president of product management. “We’re transforming the way people think about their business internet service, delivering the reliability of an all fiber network, the consistent pricing business owners need, and an easy, hassle-free experience. You don’t need a full IT department to get the benefit of a comprehensive business internet and WiFi service Fidium@Work offers.”

What is Fidium@Work?

Fidium@Work delivers multi-gig, symmetrical fiber internet over the latest WiFi 6 technology, without contracts, data caps or hidden fees. Fidium@Work serves small businesses with consistent, predictable pricing, reliable connectivity, intelligent security, business insights and secure WiFi to run business operations. VoIP business phone lines and the choice of a dynamic or static IP address are also available to Fidium@Work customers.

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The Attune@Work WiFi app gives businesses total control of their WiFi experience without the need for an IT department or complicated setups. The always-on network security features are managed within the app and provide enterprise-grade security tailored to each small business. The app offers access to workforce management tools, insights on how customers move through your business space and what types of websites they visit while on your network. It also turns your connected devices into a built-in premise security system.

Who can benefit from Fidium@Work?

Fidium@Work is the perfect solution for startups and small businesses that have outgrown residential or traditional ISP service, but don’t need an expensive and complicated enterprise solution. For example, businesses that depend on reliable, super-fast internet, including retail stores and boutiques need connectivity for their point-of-sale systems; professional offices like law firms or real estate agencies need constant access to information; repair shops and businesses depend on inventory and lightning-quick orders; the list goes on!

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