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UJET Launches CX Intercloud, the Contact Center Industry’s First Cloud to Cloud Failover Solution

UJET Launches CX Intercloud, the Contact Center Industry’s First Cloud to Cloud Failover Solution
Simultaneous Configuration Across AWS and GCP Ensures 100% Uptime and Availability for Customer Service and Sales Operations

UJET Inc., the world’s most advanced cloud contact center provider, announced CX Intercloud, a next-gen, high-availability, multicloud architecture offering automatic failover between public cloud infrastructures for unprecedented resiliency, business continuity, and disaster recovery readiness. The offer is backed by a 100% uptime guarantee with no maintenance exceptions.

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CX Intercloud enables customers to have their UJET instance pre-deployed across multiple cloud platforms. Each cloud instance individually contains UJET’s three standard availability zones within region and one cross region; but furthermore supports cross cloud operation on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), with each cloud instance independently scaled to support 100% of customer interaction volume as needed.

This dynamic cross cloud availability construct eliminates the downtime risk of service dependency on a single cloud provider. Users of the system aren’t required to maintain separate account instances or multiple logins, ensuring service continuity is universally fluid and seamless for customers, agents, admins, and supervisors.

“As contact centers continue to accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation, they are seeking innovation, security, and reliability from their applications. CX Intercloud represents an evolution in dynamic multicloud capabilities for the contact center market,” stated Vasili Triant, chief operating officer for UJET. “With this offer, UJET customers can secure levels of redundancy and resiliency that ensure unprecedented uptime and business continuity, even if regional public cloud outages occur more frequently.”

CX Intercloud gives companies:

  • Unparalleled Uptime & Reliability: No CX competitor currently delivers true 100% uptime without contractual carve outs for maintenance.
  • Total Multicloud Redundancy: Next-gen multicloud architecture and dynamic service mesh provide redundancy not only within geographic regions and availability zones, but also across entirely separate cloud providers. Both stacks can support 100% of customer workload.
  • Guaranteed Peace of Mind: In the event of an outage, failover is seamless – including live call/chat/SMS session continuity, with no disruption to customer or agent.

“Most CCaaS providers have effectively outsourced matters of reliability and availability to the underlying infrastructure cloud providers and/or their customer,” stated Dave Michels, Principal Analyst and Founder, TalkingPointz. “UJET CX Intercloud integrates reliability and availability into the application, reducing the operational risk of outages in general and more importantly shifts more of the operational responsibility back to the application provider where it belongs.”

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The Most Reliable Cloud Contact Center Available

Many CX vendors tout their uptime statistics – but those statistics are often carefully selected and crafted to exclude maintenance downtime, non-datacenter downtime, and more. The result is that the user-perceived uptime often doesn’t approach the advertised figures, and financial compensation per the SLA is negligible relative to the real business cost of outages due to various fine print exclusions.

CX Intercloud isn’t just contractual. It represents tangible platform innovation and market differentiation, seamlessly rolling over all live interactions in the event of an outage. CX Intercloud covers not only agent connectivity, but also key supporting AI-powered technologies like Agent Assist and Virtual Agent.

UJET continues to deliver disruptive innovation to the contact center market, bridging the technology gap between outdated customer service infrastructure and modern consumers. As part of the 2022 Best of Enterprise Connect, CX Intercloud was presented and selected as a finalist in the Overall category by a panel of industry analysts and consultants, based on its potential industry impact.

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