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CloudBolt Enhances Cost Management, Compliance and Governance, and Codeless IT Integrations with New Technology Release

CloudBolt Enhances Cost Management, Compliance and Governance, and Codeless IT Integrations with New Technology Release

Spring ‘21 release accelerates digital transformation for enterprises by providing industry’s most simple, flexible and intelligent solutions for hybrid cloud, multi-cloud management

CloudBolt Software, the enterprise cloud management leader, announced its Spring ‘21 release, which offers powerful new capabilities to help enterprises optimize public cloud costs, enhance governance and compliance, and streamline integrations in hybrid cloud, multi-cloud environments. Recognized as a representative vendor in the 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Management Tooling, CloudBolt’s latest release features powerful new cost management capabilities for AWS and Azure, as well as codeless integrations for enterprises using VMware vRealize Automation 8, ServiceNow CMDB, and SolarWinds IPAM.

According to the CloudBolt Industry Insights (CII) report, The Truth About Hybrid Cloud and Digital Transformation, 94% of ITOps leaders said that hybrid cloud is critical to digital transformation. Specifically, the top three initiatives most critical for hybrid cloud include: accelerating automation initiatives, optimizing cloud spend, and enabling self-service IT.

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“The Spring ‘21 release builds on our momentum in delivering simple, flexible and intelligent solutions for hybrid cloud management and automation,” said Jeff Kukowski, chief executive officer of CloudBolt. “Ensuring all your cloud resources remain compliant, mounting cost challenges, and painstaking integrations across IT automation toolsets can hinder digital transformation. The innovations in this latest release help to alleviate these critical pains for customers, partners and prospects anywhere on their cloud journeys.”

Key capabilities in the Spring ’21 release include:

New intelligent optimizations for AWS and Azure

Per the CII, 56% of ITOps, CloudOps, and FinOps teams say they want to be continuously notified of cost overruns and automatically remediate them, without the need for manual work like downloading cloud bills and analyzing spreadsheets.

The latest release continues CloudBolt’s intelligent approach by utilizing workflow-based automation to proactively notify stakeholders of cost issues and optimize them in real time. With Spring, CloudBolt now includes capabilities that expand rightsizing for Azure (i.e., disk, snapshot, load balancers, and databases) and AWS (i.e., S3 and RDS), as well as continuous notifications through channels like Slack.

Powerful, simple compliance reporting and trending

According to the CII, 78% of IT leaders say they have only limited insight into who is provisioning what, where compliance and security gaps exist, or how to remediate them.

Spring now allows ITOps, CloudOps and SecOps teams to track multiple compliance frameworks (e.g., AWS Well-Architected, HIPAA, NIST, CIS, etc.) in a single view, instead of relying on cloud-native portals and scripts. With this release, CloudBolt becomes the only vendor to expose compliance reports through rich, visual charts and graphs, enabling teams to easily understand compliance and security vulnerabilities over time.

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New integrations that simplify and scale automation

99% of IT leaders believe streamlining integrations are key to accelerating their automation and self-service IT initiatives. Yet, according to the CII, 76% say they are still custom-coding at least a quarter of all their integrations.

Keeping with CloudBolt’s vision of flexibly scaling IT integrations for popular automation and configuration tools, Spring features three new integrations (called Modules) to the OneFuse codeless integration platform: VMware vRealize Automation 8, ServiceNow CMDB, and SolarWinds IPAM.

These modules simplify and standardize consumption through policy-based use cases that can be altered without coding. This makes involving subject matter experts (e.g., Active Directory, IPAM, DNS, etc.) much easier as they need no coding expertise. Varying integration use cases can also be modeled before being built, so enterprises save time and resources by seeing and fixing issues before deployment. Finally, this release allows ITOps to group and view granular resources used or deployed via the module (e.g., vRA, Ansible, IPAM, DNS, ServiceNow, etc.), dramatically simplifying the high cost and complexity of custom integrations.

Spring ‘21 includes CloudBolt 9.4.5, OneFuse 1.3, and CloudBolt’s SaaS-based cost and security management platform (formerly Kumolus). Spring is now generally available.

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