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Jahia Transforms Any CMS into a DXP with Open-source Customer Data Platform

Jahia Transforms Any CMS into a DXP with Open-source Customer Data Platform
With any existing CMS, Jahia delivers personalized, data-driven customer experiences across all digital channels

Jahia Solutions Group, a leading global digital experience platform (DXP) provider, announced a new release of jExperience, powered by Apache Unomi, the open-source Customer Data Platform (CDP) that allows businesses to collect and analyze first-party customer data, segment audiences, and personalize content – all on your existing content management system (CMS).

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“Customer Data’s Critical Impact on the DXP Landscape”

“With the evolution of consumer behavior, understanding how to successfully bridge the gap between customer data, digital experiences, and personalization has become increasingly critical for business success and to properly collect and use first-party customer data,” said Serge Huber, Chief Technology Officer at Jahia. “jExperience has been designed to transform your CMS into a DXP that simplifies customer data collection and management, delivering the personalized digital experiences that today’s customers expect.”

Jahia takes the complexity out of customer data collection and management by linking disparate data silos together from across all sales and marketing tools, creating a unified 360-degree view of customers. Jahia users gain insights into customer behavior to create and deploy repeatable segmentation and personalization strategies to drive more tailored experiences, build valuable, synchronized journeys, and drive conversion rates.

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Apache Unomi, the open-source CDP and data foundation of jExperience, was developed in-house at Jahia and then donated to the Apache Software Foundation. jExperience adds enterprise personalization capabilities so users can easily act on customer data.

Jahia is known for delivering highly targeted personalized experiences for its customers with jExperience, the only true DXP available on the market. With this new release, customers can deliver personalized content on any website and any CMS, powered by jExperience and Apache Unomi.

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