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WINSYSTEMS And Partner To Provide Secure Industrial Embedded IoT Platform And Edge Computing Solutions For Complete Product Life Cycle

WINSYSTEMS And Partner To Provide Secure Industrial Embedded IoT Platform And Edge Computing Solutions For Complete Product Life Cycle

Affordable, Scalable Integrated Platform Speeds Time To Market, Enables Pre-deployment Testing And Ensures Compatibility Of Hardware And Software For Highly Reliable Connected Devices

Longtime industrial embedded computing leader WINSYSTEMS announced its partnership with, a leading open-OS platform provider for lifetime deployment of secure Linux-based IoT and Edge devices. This new alliance empowers mutual clients to securely deploy and maintain Industrial IoT and Edge devices in the critical infrastructure and harsh environments of the connected world.

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  • Rapid and cost-efficient launch of IoT & Edge products with built-in security
  • Platform compatibility reduces risk through all lifecycle stages
  • Extended longevity of up to 20 years for maximum ROI

U.S.-based WINSYSTEMS brings a 39-year track record of developing highly reliable embedded computer hardware for clients in the energy, transportation, industrial control, military and medical diagnostics sectors. Its well-engineered solutions employ an efficient building-block approach to designing and manufacturing customized embedded computers for Edge and Industrial IoT applications. The innovative software solution underpins development, security and customization through continuous integration and a containerized approach that can be easily scaled from small to large Industrial IoT deployments.

“The unique platform represents a true breakthrough in Edge device management and IIoT security,” said WINSYSTEMS’ Technical Sales Director George T. Hilliard. “It is one of the most complete, scalable software platforms we have integrated, amplifying the proven value of WINSYSTEMS’ industrial-grade embedded computing solutions with immediate and long-term benefits.”

Rapid launch of products with built-in security and cost-efficiency 
Pairing WINSYSTEMS hardware with the FoundriesFactory cloud-based platform allows clients to focus on developing their unique applications and equips them to continuously add value to their deployed devices over the full product life cycle. applies industry-best practices for its built-in remote validation and secure over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities while enabling product designers to rapidly build and deploy connected products using their own IP and applications, sharply reducing time to market and engineering costs.

Platform compatibility reduces risk, extends longevity for maximum ROI
Without such a powerful integrated platform, device creators are burdened with selecting individual software and hardware components, then left to handle integration themselves. Not only does this take vital resources away from product development and enhancement, it increases risks of incompatibility between different layers of software and the underlying hardware solution. This prolongs development time and creates potential security vulnerabilities.

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“At we offer a complete solution for Linux-based IoT and Edge products so that companies no longer need to struggle with different development, security, OTA and applications solutions on their chosen hardware platforms,” said CEO George Grey. “Product designers can easily customize the open-source secure firmware and OS in their own FoundriesFactory, adding their own or third-party IP, services and applications, or optionally using container technologies. We are excited to be working with WINSYSTEMS to bring these benefits to Industrial IoT customers.”

Predictable, cost-efficient maintenance keeps clients’ Edge devices secure and up-to-date, thanks to the software’s unique microservices and containerized approach. incorporates The Update Framework (TUF) to power its market-leading secure updates, authenticity and integrity. Robust, incremental updates optimize use of bandwidth and device resources, also making the TUF approach more efficient than competitors’ offerings.

Not only is this combination more secure, the platform supports testing of package updates and builds prior to deployment. This enables clients to continuously add value to their deployed devices over the product life cycle. WINSYSTEMS’ highly reliable hardware solutions operate for decades in the field, while enables 20-plus years of software security and updates. The resulting longevity in hardware and software sustains a secure industrial IoT infrastructure that maximizes the value of each client’s investment.

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