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SmartMetric Adopts A “Green” Rechargeable Battery For Its Biometric Self Powered Biometric Credit Cards

SmartMetric Adopts A “Green” Rechargeable Battery For Its Biometric Self Powered Biometric Credit Cards

SmartMetric, Inc.The SmartMetric biometric credit card that has an inbuilt rechargeable battery to power the cards fingerprint recognition processor is powered by a green, environmentally safe miniature internal battery.

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“The battery we are using is what we call a non-volatile miniature battery that can even be cut with scissors without causing an issue or leakage, making it very environmentally safe for use in our biometric credit cards,” said SmartMetric’s President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.

“SmartMetric is the only known fingerprint biometric activated card in the credit card industry with a rechargeable battery that allows the card to be used in all card transaction situations. Such as ATMs and restaurants that process the card transaction away from the table,” said SmartMetric’s Chaya Hendrick.

The rechargeable biometric card technology developed by SmartMetric is significant in that it allows credit card issuers to provide their customers with a biometric card solution that is usable and compatible with all existing credit card readers, something that non-self powered biometric cards are not able to do.

Embedding a powerful nanotechnology fingerprint scanner inside a standard credit and debit card, which is used to validate the card user before it can be used in a reader or ATM, takes security for the multi-trillion-dollar card industry to the next level.

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The card holder simply touches a discrete sensor on the card’s surface and in less than a second their fingerprint is scanned and matched with their pre-stored fingerprint in the card. Enhancing the security of the card user’s biometrics, at no point does the user’s fingerprint leave the secure memory inside the card.

The SmartMetric biometric card in ultra-small electronics technology has been developed in-house by SmartMetric with its team of high-level electronics engineers. SmartMetric is the only United States based company manufacturing advanced biometric cards.

There are now over 11 billion1 chip-based cards issued worldwide for which the SmartMetric biometric inside the chip card is able to bring the next level of biometric security.

SmartMetric technology is protected by issued patents and patents pending along with trade secrets surrounding its biometric card technology.

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