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ZPE Systems Keeps First Responders Mission-ready with FirstNet Certification

ZPE Systems Keeps First Responders Mission-ready with FirstNet Certification

ZPE Systems, a leading provider of software and hardware for network infrastructure management, is proud to announce that they are now a certified partner of FirstNet, Built with AT&T, America’s public safety wireless communications provider. Public safety and critical infrastructure organizations nationwide use ZPE’s Nodegrid devices, and this partnership ensures that first responders remain mission-ready with first-priority 4G & 5G connectivity via Nodegrid.

Roger Rustad, Western Division Director at ITDRC, says, “ZPE’s Nodegrid devices are the most powerful and portable Edge security devices in our inventory. They far exceeded our expectations for connecting our fleet, and provide us with a local compute environment along with multiple cellular modems that enable us to leverage multi-carrier redundancy, including FirstNet Band 14.”

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Why is this important?

No connection is more important than one that could help save a life. Today, FirstNet serves more than 24,000 agencies and organizations — with more than 4.4 million connections — and solves longstanding communications challenges involving interoperability, network congestion, and commercial network providers slowing public safety’s data connection. This partnership ensures fire, EMS, law enforcement, and other organizations equipped with Nodegrid get superior coverage for day-to-day response and life-saving missions.

FirstNet offers distinct advantages over commercial offerings, with unique features, functionality, and dedicated spectrum needed by the public safety community. Similarly, ZPE’s Nodegrid offers distinct advantages over typical network infrastructure and management solutions. Its Services Delivery Platform allows network engineers to deploy any app at any time, such as for communications services and critical infrastructure monitoring, to ensure fast, reliable connectivity around the clock. Additionally, its Gen 3 out-of-band gives low-level access to hardware to ensure survivability, and extends zero touch deployment and continuous maintenance capabilities to every piece of critical equipment, adding another layer of resiliency to support the public safety mission.

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ZPE Systems supports the mission with innovative, small form-factor networking devices ideal for ambulances, police cruisers, and self-contained crisis-response kits, where physical space is extremely limited. The Nodegrid Mini SR is as small as a smartphone, but provides Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 4G/LTE connectivity, with onboard computing resources for hosting mission-critical apps and containers at the farthest network edge. The slightly larger Nodegrid Hive SR offers dual-concurrent 4G or 5G modems with quad-SIM slots, along with SD-WAN features that ensure always-on connectivity even in challenging circumstances.

All Nodegrid appliances pair with ZPE Cloud, which is a secure file repository and orchestration solution. This gives organizations push-button simplicity to automatically deploy their nationwide device fleet, along with easy management of global devices via centralized dashboard.

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