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STATER Introduces a New Age Asset Management Platform for the Commodity Industry

STATER Introduces a New Age Asset Management Platform for the Commodity Industry

STATER, a financial technology group headquartered in Singapore, has announced the launch of the asset management platform. The platform is ready to provide commodity businesses with simple tools and a transparent legal framework for effective asset management, investing, goods tokenization, and handling day-to-day business operations (e.g., electronic document management, contract management, e-invoicing, and more). The platform works with physical commodities (RWA), such as corn, meat, wheat, cotton, precious metals, diamonds, etc.

“The STATER platform holds a unique position in the market. It takes the best from crowdfunding, tokenization, and asset management services to present a variety of possibilities shaped as a single solution. No other platform with the asset management feature can make all of that happen,” the company commented.

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In essence, the asset management platform by STATER is a financial infrastructure that connects commodity producers, traders and brokers, asset managers and financial institutions around the globe. From instruments that make each deal secure and transparent to a digital environment that shows the user all the data on their transactions and funds, the solution prompts the industry participants to make more informed and beneficial financial decisions.

“With the knowledge of its founders and the tools that it offers, the STATER platform proves that asset management can be low-risk, hyper secure, transparent, efficient, and simple. We invite commodity producers, brokers, traders, and other parties involved to experience a whole new level of financial security,” the company commented.

The STATER platform is set to be launched by the beginning of 2024.

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STATER is a combination of an IT and financial management company. We are focused on delivering simple and transparent asset management instruments for participants of the commodity market. The company is headquartered in Singapore, with branches in Malaysia, South Korea, UAE, Turkey, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

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