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Fauna Drives Stronger Developer Productivity and Application Performance with Cloudflare

Fauna Drives Stronger Developer Productivity and Application Performance with Cloudflare

Development teams continue to capitalize on distributed, serverless architectures to eliminate tedious database and development operations, and strengthen global performance

Companies using Fauna are scaling faster than ever with serverless and distributed-by-default architectures. Fauna’s distributed relational database with a document data model, using Cloudflare Workers’ distributed compute, has freed developers to build and deploy exceptional generative AI, gaming, and edge applications without worrying about data and computing operations.

“Modern companies are increasingly facing the future. Customers are building atop architectures that enable rapid development cycles while supporting global scale”

With Fauna, development teams simplify code and ship faster using a cloud API that delivers the best of relational and document querying, allowing expressive business logic in the data layer. Cloudflare Workers’ global edge network – comprising over 300 cities in over 100 countries – enables serverless functions to run as close as possible to end users. Combined, development teams can handle transactional data workloads, eliminate database operations, and scale high-performance applications effortlessly.

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In serving edge use cases, Fauna and Cloudflare Workers deliver unmatched security and performance capabilities. Connexin, a fast-growing broadband and smart city IoT solutions provider with over 25,000 customers, leverages Fauna to deliver guaranteed consistency across its data and Cloudflare Workers to deliver enhanced performance for end users. With an architecture that is versatile, scalable, and critically, delivers transactional consistency, Connexin is able to meet the dynamic requirements of its customers and ensure robust, economical data and application performance.

“Everything in our stack is serverless and globally distributed by default; and that’s by design to allow our team to build and scale our applications quickly,” said Will Kebbell, CTO at Connexin. “An API-driven database is very important for IoT applications where much of the infrastructure – like Cloudflare Workers – is connectionless and requires solutions that can meet the demands of real-time, operational data. The serverless attributes of Cloudflare and Fauna means we can genuinely do more, faster, without the resource and operational strain of physical hardware or management-intensive software solutions.”, a gaming recording and reporting application, faced a similar architectural challenge. Launched in 2019, the company quickly gained traction among global gamers and needed to distribute their application globally and reduce latency without exhausting precious development hours. They turned to Fauna and Cloudflare Workers to optimize their application’s performance and user experience. Today, serves millions of gamers across North America, Japan, South Korea, and Europe, delivering automatic gameplay capture, analytics, and reporting for over 100,000 daily active users worldwide.

Launched this year, SiteGPT, a personalized AI-driven chatbot powered by ChatGPT, uses Fauna and Cloudflare Workers to deliver robust data performance and consistency, and low-latency experiences across the globe. The team sought to eliminate undifferentiated operations and free their developers to focus on building new capabilities and features. To handle the diverse data generated by an LLM, the team relies on Fauna to store and operationalize user application data, metadata, and context.

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“Modern companies are increasingly facing the future. Customers are building atop architectures that enable rapid development cycles while supporting global scale,” said Hassen Karaa, VP of Product at Fauna. “With Fauna and Cloudflare Workers, many customers have found their ideal match and aren’t looking back. At a time when applications grow to global usership in days rather than years, our customers have set themselves apart by utilizing serverless and distributed architectures to maximize the productivity and performance of developers and applications alike.”

Across industries and use-cases, joint Fauna and Cloudflare customers have been able to seamlessly scale their global applications, and streamline their developer experience through serverless delivery. As innovation accelerates, modern enterprises are increasingly turning to serverless and distributed solutions to support the growth of their applications and business at large.

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