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Foundry Unveils New Suite of Products to Enhance Data Center Standards for Mining

Foundry Unveils New Suite of Products to Enhance Data Center Standards for Mining

The ‘Foundry Hardware’ suite of products aims to maximize operational performance and efficiency for institutions

Foundry Digital LLC (“Foundry”), a leader in digital asset infrastructure, announced the launch of Foundry Hardware, its latest suite of products designed specifically for institutional cryptocurrency mining operations. Foundry Hardware products aim to optimize mining systems, improve uptime efficiency, and enhance long-term reliability.

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Recognizing a gap in the cryptocurrency mining industry for hardware that draws on tried-and-tested learnings from the traditional manufacturing space, Foundry has leveraged its technical expertise, extensive experience, and robust industry relationships to create Foundry Hardware.

“Our decision to enter the hardware market was driven by our desire to provide innovative products aimed at making miners’ lives easier through simpler maintenance while continuing to focus on improving mining efficiency and uptime reliability,” said MK Sathya, Senior Vice President of Mining Services at Foundry. “Furthermore, we intend to provide miners with inventory flexibility by building hardware usable on multiple models of mining machines.”

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The suite of Foundry Hardware products currently includes three innovative products:

Power Supply Unit (PSU): Engineered with a heavy-duty and versatile design, this unit supports multiple mining machine models, offering users inventory flexibility. It supports a wider voltage output, allowing for underclocking and overclocking. This ensures miners remain online and operational even in extreme environments.

Immersion Optimization Kit: Tailored for immersion systems, this kit allows for the re-orientation of both the miner and the control board, enhancing efficiency and profitability.

Control Board: This product optimizes miner performance through real-time tuning and is compatible with various mining machine models. It eliminates firmware development fees, providing a cost-effective solution for maximizing operational output.

In addition to proprietary hardware, Foundry also facilitates the sourcing of OEM replacement parts for miners across North America. By leveraging its extensive industry relationships, Foundry ensures that miners can quickly and cost-effectively replace components, maintaining uninterrupted operations.

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