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CIOInfluence’s Weekly Overview: Top CIO Insights, Trends and Must-reads for 17th to 21st June 2024

CIOInfluence’s Weekly Overview: Top CIO Insights, Trends and Must-reads from June 17-21, 2024

Introducing this week’s edition of CIOInfluence’s Weekly CIO Insights for 17th June to 21st June 2024:

Catch the newest advancements in the IT sector, including essential insights and updates on cloud computing, data management, cybersecurity, and other cutting-edge technologies.

This issue features a selected mix of leading articles and perspectives from global voices and IT leaders

CIOInfluence’s Weekly Roundup: Key Insights for June 17 to 21:

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a new AI enablement program in collaboration with NVIDIA to enhance partner profitability and create new revenue streams. The program includes AI, compute, storage, networking, hybrid cloud, and sustainability competencies, as well as enhanced HPE GreenLake capabilities. HPE’s new AI partner strategy with NVIDIA offers workshops and certifications to advance AI skills and enable partners to build comprehensive AI solutions. The program aims to support all stages of the AI lifecycle and includes the new HPE Private Cloud AI.

“The study validates our program’s foundation – we recognize the partner’s expertise and ability to extend value to their customers via our innovation and the partner’s unique services. “We are demonstrating the multiplier effect of partners in HPE Partner Ready Vantage and partners who expand opportunities by adding their own IP and services to our solutions.” – ,” said Jesse Chavez, Vice President Worldwide Partner Programs and Operations, HPE

Sysdig, the leader in real-time cloud security, announced enhanced cloud-native investigations designed to cut incident analysis time to 5 minutes. This acceleration is made possible by automating the collection and correlation of events, posture, and vulnerabilities to identities for even the most complex cloud attacks. When an attack happens in less than 10 minutes in the cloud, investigations must move fast.

Key Features Introduced:

    • Attack Chain Visualization: Dynamic view of incident relationships for better understanding and response.
    • Real-Time Identity Correlation: Automatic correlation of events to identities for complete incident context.
    • Optimized Investigation Workflow: Centralized and enriched data for faster, more effective investigations.

Importance of Timely Cloud Investigations: Forrester Research emphasizes the need for rapid cloud incident response due to the dynamic nature of cloud permissions and potential for quick attacker actions.

Insights on Data Management:

CBRE Group, Inc. has acquired Direct Line Global, a leading provider of critical data center infrastructure services for top technology firms, from Guardian Capital. Founded in 1997 and based in Fremont, CA, Direct Line Global specializes in designing, installing, maintaining, and managing data center solutions primarily in the U.S. This acquisition is expected to immediately enhance CBRE’s earnings per share and strengthen its position in the rapidly growing global market for data center support services, estimated at $30 billion and projected to grow at 16% annually through 2028.

Reltio, a leader in data unification and management solutions, announced the latest release of the Reltio Connected Data Platform, which further empowers data leaders by enhancing its AI-powered platform and offerings: Reltio Customer 360 Data Product™, Reltio Multidomain MDM, and Reltio Entity Resolution.

News Highlights:

  • Products Enhanced: Includes Reltio Customer 360 Data Product™, Multidomain MDM, and Entity Resolution.
  • New Features: Introduces velocity packs, audience segmentation, and GenAI advancements.
  • Business Continuity: Premium services with cross-regional disaster recovery and enhanced data resiliency.
  • Impact: Enables faster insights, dynamic customer data management, and enhanced product and supplier data management.

Security News Weekly Snapshot

Radwarea leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, announced the launch of a new cloud security service center in Paris, France. The launch of the new facility extends Radware’s DDoS attack mitigation capacity to 15Tbps across a network of more than 50 cloud security service centers worldwide.

  • Enhanced Capacity: Increases DDoS attack mitigation capacity to 15Tbps across a network of over 50 global centers.
  • Strategic Importance: Supports customer resiliency and local data privacy compliance and reduces latency while enhancing service redundancy.
  • Cyber Threat Landscape: Reports a significant rise in DDoS attacks globally, with finance being the most targeted sector in EMEA.
  • Future Readiness: Anticipates increased cyber threats around the 2024 Paris Olympics, emphasizing proactive security measures.
  • Recognition: Continues to be recognized as a leader in cyber security solutions by industry analysts and research firms.

Deepwatch, the leading managed security platform for the cyber resilient enterprise,announced a strategic partnership with Cribl, the Data Engine for IT and Security, to expand customers’ capabilities in data ownership and visibility through support for the entire product suite – Cribl Stream, Edge, Search, Lake, and Cloud.

“The addition of Cribl to the Deepwatch Platform gives customers more power over their data ultimately improving their effectiveness, efficiencies, and ease of use to deliver the measured cyber outcomes,” said Curt Aubley, COO & CPO of Deepwatch. “This partnership will further enable Deepwatch holistic security operations to enhance visibility and detection across identity, exposure management, and multi-cloud environments, while meeting longer term hunt, investigation, and compliance requirements.”

Recommended Reads

#1 Why Healthcare Firms are in the Middle of a Cyberwarfare

The article delves into the healthcare industry’s escalating cyber threats, driven by its growing reliance on digital technology. As the healthcare IT market is set to reach a staggering $974.5 billion by 2027, regions like North America, APAC, and EMEA are intensifying their focus on advanced cybersecurity measures.

Know how cybercriminals exploit healthcare systems’ vulnerabilities to launch devastating attacks, with examples like Change Healthcare, which saw significant patient data exposed. Through detailed case studies, analyze the critical need for robust cybersecurity strategies to protect sensitive patient data and ensure continuity of care in an era where cyber threats are rapidly evolving.

#2 Leveraging AI and Machine Learning for DataSecOps

Explore how data analytics teams have transitioned from backroom operations to strategic cornerstones within top-tier companies, mirroring the seismic shifts previously observed in DevOps. Understand how DataSecOps integrates security within data operations, ensuring robust protection and promoting a proactive security culture.

The article “Leveraging AI and Machine Learning for DataSecOps” highlights the vital role of AI and ML in modern cybersecurity, providing faster, more efficient threat detection and transforming the landscape of data protection. It gives the answer to why leading organizations are now treating data with the same strategic importance as products, reshaping their security strategies to handle increasing cyber threats with AI-driven precision. A must-read for anyone keen on understanding the future of business technology and cybersecurity!

Thought Leader’s Perspective of the Week

 Rupert ColbourneExplore what Rupert Colbourne, CTO of OrbusSoftware, shares about adopting a digital twin. In his compelling article, Colbourne explains how digital twin technology, traditionally used in aerospace and automotive industries, is now crucial for businesses striving for competitiveness. He introduces the concept of a “digital twin of an organization” (DTO), which integrates process mining, enterprise architecture, and business performance to offer a comprehensive, dynamic view of a company’s operations using real-time data.

Colbourne highlights the DTO’s role in enhancing decision-making, increasing agility, and promoting sustainability by allowing businesses to simulate and predict the outcomes of strategic decisions before implementation. A must-read for leaders aiming to harness the latest technological advancements to streamline operations, mitigate risks, and drive efficient, data-driven transformations.

Read the Complete Article  here – Why Every Organization Needs a Digital Twin

CIO Influence’s Weekly Brand Shout-Out

Darktrace/Detect Reviews 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Darktrace has revolutionized cybersecurity with its cutting-edge AI-driven platform, protecting the complex and dynamic environments of modern enterprises. By leveraging machine learning and AI, Darktrace autonomously detects and responds to cyber threats in real-time, ensuring that businesses remain resilient against evolving adversaries.

CEO: Poppy Gustafsson

Recent Partnership: Microsoft Collaboration to Enhance Cyber Defense Strategies

Technological Innovation – Darktrace PREVENT™ AI-powered Attack Surface Management

File:Check Point logo 2022.svg - Wikipedia

Check Point Software Technologies is a leader in providing cybersecurity solutions globally, renowned for its comprehensive security architecture that defends enterprises from cyber threats. The company’s multifaceted approach encompasses network, cloud, mobile, and endpoint security, ensuring robust protection against the most sophisticated attacks.

CEO: Gil Shwed

Latest collaboration: With Microsoft to strengthen cloud security

Technological Updates: Quantum Spark Next Generation Firewalls, designed for small to medium businesses, enhancing security with simplified management tools and advanced threat prevention capabilities.

Brand - Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a cybersecurity innovation leader, offering a comprehensive suite of advanced security solutions that protect enterprises across networks, clouds, and mobile devices. The company’s pioneering approach integrates AI-driven technologies with a broad range of security products, ensuring robust defense mechanisms against sophisticated cyber threats.

CEO: Nikesh Arora

Recent Partnership: Collaboration with Google Cloud to secure applications and infrastructures

Groundbreaking Advancements: Cortex XDR 3.0, enhancing detection and response capabilities with behavioral analytics and machine learning to proactively thwart attackers in real-time.

Mark Your Calendar: Upcoming Events

#1 InfoQ Live

Date – June 25, 2024
Location –  Boston, MA

InfoQ Dev Summit Boston is a conference focused on addressing the critical software challenges senior development teams face today. Attendees will gain valuable real-world technical insights from over 20 seasoned software developers, connect with industry leaders and peers, and participate in various engaging social events. This summit is an excellent opportunity for professionals to elevate their technical expertise and expand their network within the field.

#2 ReactNext

Date – June 24, 2024
Location – Tel-Aviv, Israel

Since 2016, ReactNext has been Israel’s premier conference for the React© framework. This all-technical event brings together top local and international speakers to share their expertise with over 1,000 developers from Israel and around the globe. The conference covers advanced topics tailored for experienced developers, team leaders, and consultants. It also provides a valuable opportunity for R&D and product managers to explore the business benefits of React.

#3 TECHSPO Charlotte 2024

Date – June 24th and 25th, 2024
Location – Charlotte, NC

Showcasing the next generation of technology and innovation in Internet, Mobile, AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS Technology, Exhibitors have the opportunity to showcase their companies to consumers, the highest caliber investors, hordes of press, the most sought-after talent, and the greatest pool of tech enthusiasts looking to celebrate emerging products.

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