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RealFoundations Unveils Next Generation of RE-AIM: Transforming Real Estate Data Management with Innovative Technology and Expertise

RealFoundations Unveils Next Generation of RE-AIM: Transforming Real Estate Data Management with Innovative Technology and Expertise

RealFoundations has released the latest version of its data management platform: RE-AIM. With over 10 years of experience providing data management services to real estate investors and investment managers around the world, RealFoundations understands the challenges of successfully managing data and the limitations of technology alone to solve the problem.

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Initially launched in 2016, RE-AIM is RealFoundations’ proprietary Data Management Platform which enables the efficient acquisition of critical data from disparate sources, systems and formats and the normalization, validation, and publication of that data to client-defined destinations. RE-AIM offers a leading data management solution and approach to Data Fitness that integrates best in class technologies with experienced real estate professionals to ensure data is moved to the right place, at the right time, completely, securely, and accurately.

“I am thrilled about the release of this latest version RE-AIM. Helping our clients manage their data over the past several years has taught us that the complexity of the data management challenges continues to grow as the types of data our clients need and how they use that data expands. This launch leverages platform enhancements that combine leading technology with experienced real estate professionals to help our clients solve their problems in a faster, more efficient, and accurate way,” commented Jim Valente, Global Head of Data Services at RealFoundations.

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Benefits to RealFoundations’ clientele include:

  • Increased scalability: Providing faster, adaptive data processing to handle higher processing volumes and more complex datasets.
  • AI-assisted extraction: Enabling the swift extraction and transformation of data from a wide variety of report types and systems into a common format.
  • Language translation: Introducing AI-driven, contextual-based language translation capabilities from non-English to English, supporting over 90 languages and dialects.
  • Expanded data coverage: Leveraging a standardized data model with updates to handle additional property types, data types and report categories, as well as global and regional variations.
  • Improved data validation and field mapping: Integrating RealFoundations’ Five Vectors of Data Fitness including timeliness, completeness, accuracy, consistency, and compliance to confirm the quality of data published is fit for purpose.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Providing complete insight and access to real-time data processing and fitness reporting for every property in their portfolio, with the ability to aggregate data across portfolios, property types, data types, reporting periods, reporting partners (PMC, JV Partner) and asset managers.
  • Enhanced security: Utilizing the leading identity, access management, and real time threat detection technologies from Microsoft as well as multiple layers of data redundancy and encryption to ensure client data is safe and secure within the platform.

As the need for more granular, accurate and timely portfolio data continues to grow, RealFoundations provides crucial solutions through the enhanced RE-AIM platform for its clients.

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