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Kaspersky Releases New Subscription Tracking App Subscrab

Kaspersky Releases New Subscription Tracking App Subscrab

Kaspersky has released a premium version of SubsCrab, a mobile app that helps users track their subscriptions and control their payment schedules. SubsCrab makes the entire process of tracking subscriptions transparent and cost-effective for users. It is a multiplatform app available on iOS and Android that contains more than 4,000 subscription services and 11,000 rate plans.

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The subscription model is a convenient and transparent tool for monetizing digital services that has become widely popular in recent years. According to The Business Research Company’s “Subscription E-Commerce Global Market Report,” the global subscription e-commerce market grew from $119.4 billion in 2022 to $196.35 billion in 2023, for a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 64.4%. Deloitte’s “Digital media trends survey” revealed that 20% of the world’s population have more than 10 paid subscriptions each, totaling over 100 US dollars per month.

SubsCrab was developed within the Kaspersky Product Studio, the company’s business division responsible for developing and validating innovative new partnerships and products.

SubsCrab is a multiplatform app, available on both iOS and Android. It contains a large catalog of available subscriptions, including more than 4,000 subscription services and 11,000 rate plans. And, unlike other subscription tracking apps, SubsCrab does not have any limitation on the number of subscriptions users can add.

The app has Free and Premium versions. The Free app includes a basic subscription tracker that allows the user to view and manually add all active subscriptions, as well as a calendar of future charges. In addition, there are push notifications about upcoming charges available, as well as alternative services and useful information about subscriptions of interest.

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The functionality of the paid Premium version is much wider, with a variety of additional helpful tools. In particular, the Email Scan option helps to eliminate the need to manually enter each active subscription into the service: the app simply scans a selected mailbox and automatically finds and adds the user’s active subscriptions.

In addition, the user can assign accounts to separate categories. For example, it is possible to separate work-related subscriptions from personal subscriptions like games and streaming services.

“Today, most digital services, programs and applications operate on a subscription model,” said Kirill Yurkin, SubsCrab’s founder. “It is a user-friendly approach that is also easy to understand. At some point, however, users accumulate too many subscriptions, making it difficult to keep track of these and potentially very expensive. We designed SubsCrab to consolidate each user’s active subscriptions in one place, giving them the ability to track an important part of their lives that would otherwise be very difficult without such assistance.”

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