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DiffusionData Releases Gateway Framework 1.0

DiffusionData Releases Gateway Framework 1.0

DiffusionData, formerly known as Push Technology, the pioneer and leader in real-time data streaming and messaging solutions, announced the release of Gateway Framework 1.0 – an easy-to-use framework for integrating back-end data sources, or any external system with Diffusion.

Operational and Developer Benefits

Developers have their own tools and coding styles they like to use to build applications based on their own personnel preferences. This means organizations end up with a plethora of applications which behave differently and can create daily challenges and issues, especially if the person responsible for a specific set of code leaves the company.

This industry-wide problem is resolved by deploying the Gateway Framework as adapters will now look and behave the same. This saves time in production support as every adapter has the same architecture and 90% of the code, which is tested and production ready, sits in the Framework. Not only does this mitigate the risk of bugs every time a new adapter is built, but the user also benefits from a consistent configuration. In summary, by using the Gateway Framework developers can build once and deploy many.

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Kafka, CDC and REST  

The Gateway Framework, which was previously released as a beta, with a dependency on Diffusion 6.8 is now to be released as a general release version 1.0.0 with a dependency upon Diffusion 6.9.

The Kafka adapter, CDC adapter, and REST adapter (using the Gateway Framework) are released with Gateway Framework 1.0.

Simplified approach

Most of the control client applications that integrate with external systems have several similarities in terms of interacting with Diffusion and being a production-ready application with the major difference being the interaction with external systems.

The Gateway Framework wraps of all these similarities and does most of the heavy lifting, in terms of interacting with Diffusion. It standardizes creation of control clients and provides a low code solution to integration, where the application writer only needs to concentrate on the interactions with the external systems.

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Integration with Diffusion Management Console

The Gateway Framework is fully integrated with the Diffusion Management Console, allowing applications to be managed and monitored from the console. This includes the ability to dynamically change the configuration, and thus the functionality of the application directly from the console.

DiffusionData, has pioneered and had led the market in real-time, data streaming and messaging solutions that dramatically reduce network bandwidth requirements, allowing customers to expand their businesses.

The company’s Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform, consumes raw data in any size, format, or velocity; enriches the data in-flight; and distributes the data in real time — reliably and at massive scale with secure, fine-grained, role-based access control. Diffusion is purpose-built to simplify and speed data-driven, real-time application development, reduce operational costs, and economically deliver hyper-personalized data at Internet scale.

Leading brands, across industries including financial services, transportation, energy, retail, healthcare, eGaming, and Internet of Things companies, use the Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform to drive customer engagement, fuel revenue growth, and streamline business operations. Diffusion is available on-premise, in-the-cloud, or in hybrid configurations, to fit the specific business, regulatory, and infrastructure requirements of the event-driven applications operating in today’s everything connected world.

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