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Data Management ITechnology Series News Partners with dbt Labs to Deliver Greater Visibility and Discoverability of Data Transformations Partners with dbt Labs to Deliver Greater Visibility and Discoverability of Data Transformations, the enterprise data catalog for the modern data stack, announced that it is partnering with dbt Labs, the pioneer in analytics engineering, to deliver deeper visibility into transformation and greater discoverability into data assets built with dbt. The new partnership builds on’s existing integration with dbt Core, dbt’s open source transformation tool, to include dbt Cloud. Now dbt Cloud users have the ability to gain powerful insights through’s knowledge graph. and dbt Cloud customers can now leverage metadata about models, snapshots, projects, seeds, sources, and tests from the dbt Cloud. Users can see the relationships between views and referenced database tables or columns and between dbt resources and upstream or downstream resources.

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“For analytics engineers, simply knowing what’s happening in their analytics stack isn’t enough. They also need to understand the why, where, and who,” said Nikhil Kothari, Head of Technology Partnerships at dbt Labs. “’s comprehensive metadata collection, discovery, and lineage capabilities help customers answer these time-sensitive and critical questions about their data.”

The new integration enables and dbt Cloud users to:

  • Conduct in-depth impact analyses on the lineage of reports and applications via Eureka Explorer™, letting users correlate additional relationships from the original data sources to the newly transformed data.
  • Identify related data  by using’s knowledge graph to analyze data that has undergone similar transformations.
  • Agile data governance from now includes contextual metadata from dbt Cloud, enabling everyone to find the data and analysis they need to find insights.

“Fast access to trusted data is critical for business decision-making, especially where data volumes are increasing faster than our ability to govern and understand the data,” said Lofan Leung, Head of Technology Alliances at “We’re excited to partner with dbt Labs to help our customers uncover new details about their data and reduce any bottlenecks in their data pipelines.”

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