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mPrest selected as DERMS Provider for Endeavour Energy

mPrest selected as DERMS Provider for Endeavour Energy

mPrest, a leading developer and provider of dynamic grid aware Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) has been chosen by Endeavour Energy to provide an energy software solution for the Bawley Point and Kioloa community microgrid, the first of its kind in NSW.

The microgrid, which is on track to be operational by the end of the year, will deliver a stand-alone and renewable electricity supply, while reducing the number of power outages in the picturesque south coast villages.

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The $8 million community microgrid includes contributions from the Australian and NSW Government’s Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund, Endeavour Energy along with local residents.

The microgrid is made up of a grid connected battery, and subsidised home solar and batteries, as well as water heating load control, generating a renewable and reliable electricity supply which will help to build resilience in the face of increasing adverse weather events.

Endeavour Energy’s Future Grid Systems Manager, Albert Pors, said the microgrid would be critical in building resilience within the community.

“The microgrid leverages grid scale energy storage and customer Distributed Energy Resources, combined with mPrest’s DERMS solution, to support the network during peak holiday periods and creating an island of power when the community is impacted by weather extremes.  This is where future grid technology meets resilience,” he said.

“What’s unique about this project is that the microgrid has been co-designed with the community from the outset.”

mPrest’s Chief Executive Officer, Natan Barak, said Australia is a global leader in the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) market.

Australia is leading the world Distributed Energy Resource (DER) market. This first of its kind microgrid for Endeavour Energy and NSW combines high penetration of DERs, grid storage, flexible load and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs). We are pleased to partner our DERMS technology with Endeavour Energy on this project” he said.

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mPrest’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ron Halpern, welcomed the opportunity to work with Endeavour Energy on the first community microgrid of its kind in NSW.

“The advanced Australian market, which is driven by prosumer and VPP market participation in energy and ancillary services trading, creates a joint opportunity for Endeavour Energy and mPrest to integrate Dynamic Operating Envelops (DOEs) analytics under mPrest’s DERMS Orchestration Platform,” he said.

“DOEs are power envelopes that the distribution utility can apply to grid imports and exports, thus enabling dynamic management of grid constraints with minimal impacts on customers.  Integrating DOEs is yet another example of how the Australian market is trailblazing the global DERMS market.”

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