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LG Electronics and ArtPlayer Partner to Provide LG SuperSign Cloud Art Service

LG Electronics and ArtPlayer Partner to Provide LG SuperSign Cloud Art Service

ArtPlayer has chosen LG SuperSign Cloud for collaboration due to LG’s significant market presence and a global reach, providing LG SuperSign Cloud solutions to customers around the world deployed in various industries and sectors, including retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, education, and corporate environments where the benefits of art can be advantageously displayed.

“We are delighted to partner with LG by seamlessly integrating ArtPlayer directly into the LG SuperSign Cloud’s user interface, thereby expanding the reach of our art service to LG customers worldwide,” said Morten Kryger, managing director of ArtPlayer. ”They can display rotating artworks, easily change display options, and optional mix the art with other content in their playlists.”

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ArtPlayer can be used for digital signage purposes within hospitality establishments. Digital screens displaying artworks can serve as eye-catching signage to guide guests, promote facilities, or provide information about events and services.

Additionally, ArtPlayer can contribute to a therapeutic environment in healthcare facilities. The presence of visually captivating and calming artworks has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and discomfort for patients, creating a more calming and supportive atmosphere.

ArtPlayer is not only beneficial for patients but also for healthcare staff and visitors.The presence of engaging and visually captivating artworks can uplift moods, reduce stress, and improve the overall well-being of those working in or visiting healthcare facilities.

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According to LG: Regularly creating fresh content may seem challenging, but LG SuperSign Cloud’s Art Service, ArtPlayer, grants users access to an eclectic array of refined art for their displays, elevating the atmosphere in diverse settings such as offices, hotel lobbies, and restaurants.These captivating motion graphics can promote a soothing and entrancing experience for customers in the waiting area.

Additionally, the ArtPlayer in the LG SuperSign Cloud is an annual subscription service that provides AI-curated images which can evoke moods like ‘calm’, ‘happy’, and ‘exciting’, transforming public displays into artistic showcases instead of mere advertisements.

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