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Baijiayun Launches Cutting-edge Generative AI Large Language Model Product “Questwave”

Baijiayun Launches Cutting-edge Generative AI Large Language Model Product "Questwave"

Baijiayun Group, a one-stop AI video solution provider,  announced the launch of its state-of-the-art large language model (“LLM”) product “Questwave” for artificial intelligence generated content (“AIGC”) across a wide range of application scenarios.

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Questwave is a powerful one-stop AIGC platform with a suite of applications that include LLM AI-driven customer service, formal document drafting, personal AI assistant, digital human interactive live streaming, and marketing content support. This initiative underscores Baijiayun’s commitment to driving technological innovation for global users and reflects its growth strategy to facilitate enterprise customers’ digital transformation leveraging AI and video technologies. Potential uses for Questwave span various sectors including smart cities, communities, education, the industrial sector, safety supervision, agriculture, and even petrol stations.

With a keen focus on data security, Questwave boasts a robust infrastructure integrating data security audit, backup, and restoration systems to visualize data monitoring and enhance privacy protection and confidentiality. Questwave incorporates numerous access portals to various customers’ AIGC platforms, and significantly reduces coding needs by streamlining intricate processes from application development and management to usage statistics collection, model management, and fee calculation. This acceleration in product launch not only saves time but also increases agility for prompt responses to evolving market demands. Furthermore, Questwave fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration within enterprises by facilitating the aggregation, management, and distribution of their knowledge database. This feature encourages interdepartmental collaboration, enabling enterprises to drive innovation and success by leveraging collective wisdom and expertise.

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Questwave is bolstered by LLMs derived from foundation models and keen to comply with China’s information technology application innovation policy. The platform is engineered to interface with various hardware, software, and operating systems, assuring a seamless and secure integration process for businesses and governments of all scales. Moreover, Questwave offers the flexibility for customized private deployments, ensuring that the platform aligns precisely with each customer’s unique in-house requirements. This not only enhances user experiences, but also reduces additional maintenance costs.

Mr. Gangjiang Li, CEO and Chairman of Baijiayun, commented, “we are thrilled to take a significant leap forward in the AIGC sector with our meticulously crafted platform, Questwave. With its multifaceted capabilities, unwavering focus on data security, and dedication to compatibility and customization, Questwave is poised to reshape industries with enhanced efficiencies and lower costs. We also believe this new product will unlock new realms of potential for ourselves while we create value for shareholders.”

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