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Cambridge Systematics to Partner with Geotab ITS to Develop LOCUS Truck: A New Freight Planning and Analytics Tool

Cambridge Systematics to Partner with Geotab ITS to Develop LOCUS Truck: A New Freight Planning and Analytics Tool

Cambridge Systematics (CS) announced its partnership with Geotab ITS, a Geotab business unit providing actionable, real-world aggregate insights to improve transportation networks. The partnership will combine CS’ industry-leading big data platform, LOCUS, with Geotab ITS’ extensive aggregate commercial vehicle dataset to develop a new freight planning and analytics tool: LOCUS Truck.

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Already in use by over 40 agencies in the United States, with applications in passenger transportation, performance, electric vehicle charging, and safety, the LOCUS platform transforms anonymized location data from connected vehicles and smartphones into actionable insights on movement trends with granular detail.

“Our collaboration with Geotab ITS will allow us to gain deep insights into commercial vehicle travel across the US,” says Brad Wright, CEO of Cambridge Systematics. “We are excited to integrate anonymized and aggregated data from Geotab ITS with our flagship LOCUS product to help our clients address questions about electrification, equity, economic recovery, safety, and resilience.”

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“This partnership highlights a transformative shift in our understanding of road usage,” said Jean Pilon-Bignell, VP Public Sector at Geotab. “The modern transportation landscape is intricate and dynamic and our partnership with the LOCUS platform will help untangle these complexities. By integrating Geotab ITS’ high-quality aggregate commercial vehicle data into LOCUS’ robust framework, we’re not just delivering an analytical tool; we’re articulating our vision for the future where data-driven insights guide our actions and decisions and contribute to a safer, more efficient and sustainable future.”

With Geotab ITS’ primary source data, which includes movements of over 3.7 million commercial fleet vehicles, LOCUS is expanding its powerful analytics capabilities to freight planners and analysts with LOCUS Truck. This new tool will provide truck travel metrics classified by vehicle classes (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and other categories, such as vocation (door-to door, local, etc.). These metrics are critical for estimation, calibration, and validation of commercial vehicle transportation models and for truck parking studies. Using LOCUS Truck data, models will better reflect real-world commercial vehicle travel metrics.

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