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VERSES Announces Next-Generation AI A “General Intelligent Agent”

VERSES Announces Next-Generation AI A “General Intelligent Agent”
Codenamed “GIA”, The Intelligent Assistant for Everyone.

VERSES Technologies Inc., a cognitive computing company specializing in the next generation of artificial intelligence, has announced a breakthrough in AI with the world’s first General Intelligent Agent, codenamed GIA, (‘jee-yah’) designed to offer a new human-centered way for businesses and individuals to interact with technology.

GIA, a General Intelligent Agent, is a next-generation personal AI assistant that is designed to learn about its users in order to better organize, manage, and optimize their digital life. GIA, the smart interface to the digital world, is a voice and text-based digital assistant that operates under a user’s direction and on their behalf, searching, filtering, and summarizing information across multiple data sources. With unique features like automating data organization, predictive reasoning, and the ability to learn over time, GIA is poised to become the first intelligent all-in-one solution for anyone seeking a smarter way to organize, manage, and automate their personal and professional activities.

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“In the Information Age, we have become overwhelmed with the onslaught of information: emails, app alerts, and device notifications. Businesses are drowning in big data, trying to make sense of information across various systems and how it will benefit them,” said Jason Fox, VERSES Chief Technology Officer. “In the Web 2.0 era an “app for that” resulted in users needing to search across hundreds of single-purpose apps and more devices than anyone can keep track of. The digital overload and administrative drudgery have left users wanting ‘less’ from technology.”

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GIA is designed to reduce information overload, increase certainty and decision-making, improve productivity, and provide highly contextualized recommendations and online automation, resulting in a new kind of personal computing experience. Individuals and business users can allow GIA to search and interact across different apps, websites, devices, and systems and offer personalized answers, analysis, and recommendations, manage calendars, schedule appointments, send messages, and even orchestrate and automate the real-world activities of everything from smart home devices and appliances to industrial robots and autonomous vehicles. GIA can host personal or enterprise data or media in private data stores with user controls for robust data permissions, privacy, and security.

“The field of AI is experiencing exciting innovations but even state-of-the-art models are still narrowly-focused tools based on public datasets. We believe GIA can do better, not just by learning about the world, but by learning about us and our lives and providing us with a smarter, safer, and more natural personal computing experience,” said Gabriel René, CEO of VERSES. “GIA marks a new milestone in cognitive computing with its ability to intelligently assist us in managing and optimizing our modern personal and professional lives and guiding us toward a healthier relationship with our technology; freeing us to focus on what matters most in life.”

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