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Net3 Selects Infinidat to Improve Reliability, Performance, and Affordability of Enterprise Storage

Net3 Selects Infinidat to Improve Reliability, Performance, and Affordability of Enterprise Storage

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise storage solutions, announced that Net3 Technology, a leading cloud service provider (CSP) in the U.S., chose Infinidat to provide the enterprise storage infrastructure with 100% availability, unmatched performance, and a flexible cost structure underpinning the cloud provider’s managed backup and disaster recovery services.


“The key challenge that Infinidat solved for us was our need for reliable storage in a consumption model that would grow as we grow,” said Ryan Walker, CIO at Net3 Technology. “The uptime, availability, performance, ease of administration, and flexible consumption models that Infinidat delivers are unmatched compared to the brands that we had run previously. With Infinidat, we’re able to operate our cloud services business more cost-effectively and with substantially more confidence.”

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Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, Net3 owns and operates a private cloud, PvDC, which has locations in Atlanta and Las Vegas. The company has gone from sub-par availability before Infinidat to now 100% availability with Infinidat. The performance metrics have also skyrocketed. Prior to installing Infinidat, the performance of the company’s legacy arrays from the former incumbents was only 130,000 IOPS. After switching to Infinidat’s InfiniBox®, performance increased by more than 15X to 2 million IOPS.

“We switched to Infinidat because they solved a lot of the issues that other upper-right Magic Quadrant storage providers have. Our main storage obstacle in recent years had been keeping up with the pace of growth while ensuring performance and availability to our customers. Infinidat has solved all of the pain points that we’ve had with previous storage providers through unmatched performance and availability,” Net3’s CIO added. “We wouldn’t be where we are as a company without Infinidat. I only wish we had moved to Infinidat sooner.”

Net3 adopted one of Infinidat’s flexible consumption, pay-as-you-grow models – ideally suited for CSPs. Net3 eliminated the need to put out a large, up-front capital expenditure. Infinidat provided them with an all-inclusive licensing model that transformed their economics of enterprise storage. The financial benefit to Net3 and their customers is that they are not paying for storage that they are not using. This fixed the previous issue that Net3 had with the shortcomings of monolithic storage arrays from other vendors.

An end-customer of Net3’s managed backup and disaster recovery services vouched for not only the reliability of Net3’s storage solutions but also their superior customer experience.

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“We know we can rely on Net3 to address all our demands and exceed expectations for our cloud backup and DR needs. This gives us peace of mind, as we are set with our business continuity. As our business evolves, so do our enterprise storage requirements. Net3 provides us with an adaptable storage capacity that has exceptional availability. They are an excellent cloud storage service partner for us.”

Steve Sullivan, CRO at Infinidat, commented, “Uptime and reliability are mission critical for CSPs, like Net3 Technology. Our 100% availability, unmatched real-world application performance, and autonomous automation de-risk enterprise storage, making Infinidat’s industry acclaimed solutions the preferred choice of cloud service providers, managed service providers, and managed hosting providers. With Infinidat, Net3 has transformed their customers’ experience, achieved zero downtime, and made enterprise storage truly transparent. By choosing Infinidat, CSPs can focus more on what they do best and what will grow their business. Leave enterprise storage to us − what we do best.”

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