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WISeKey Completes Integration Of arago’s AI Capabilities With Its Semiconductor Manufacturing

WISeKey Completes Integration Of arago’s AI Capabilities With Its Semiconductor Manufacturing

WISeKey Completes Integration of arago’s AI Capabilities with its Semiconductor Manufacturing

WISeKey’s VaultIC secure elements and secure microcontrollers protect large volumes of IoT devices and consumer products generating large amount of trusted data required for automation AI purposes.

WISeKey’s Swiss cybersecurity IoT together with German Artificial Intelligence leader arago, blends AI, IoT and cybersecurity into a trusted IoT European platform.

WISeKey International Holding Ltd, a leading global cybersecurity and IoT company announced that has completed the integration of arago’s AI capabilities with its semiconductor manufacturing. The combination is very powerful as AI could allow semiconductor companies to capture 40 to 50 percent of total value from the technology stack, representing the best opportunity they’ve had in decades. Storage will experience the highest growth, but semiconductor companies will capture most value in compute, memory, and networking.

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“WISeKey has been selected by global companies as their digital trust partner,” said Carlos Moreira, Founder and CEO of WISeKey. “Our semiconductors are massively used in many sensitive applications that require not only a unique technology expertise but also a perfect supply chain. With the integration of arago we can provide to our customers an end-to-end AIoT solution that integrates semiconductors, smart sensors, IoT systems, Artificial Intelligence, and a data cloud to deliver to customers a unique offering to power innovation and digital transformation. Using WISeKey’s cybersecurity technology, AI and IoT network, data will be collected in HIRO where it can be processed and through automation acted upon in real time in a highly secure environment. We are again demonstrating reactivity and agility to provide our customers with the best business continuity despite the current chaotic semiconductor crisis.”

Since the WISeKey acquisition of arago early this year, the combined teams worked closely to implement the first ever end-to-end AIoT platform resulting from the groundbreaking combination of their industry leading products: arago’s AI based Knowledge Automation and Data platform HIRO and WISeKey’s cybersecurity, European Root of Trust and IoT/semiconductors technologies. Using WISeKey’s cybersecurity technology and IoT network, data will be collected in HIRO where it can be processed and through automation acted upon in real time in a highly secure environment.

Billions of WISeKey’s secure chips are embedded in high-tech products and goods to protect data, communication, and firmware against cyberattacks. This includes routers, modems, energy smart meters, drones, and medical devices, to mention a few. As a fabless company, WISeKey trust a network of subcontractors and partners to provide its most prestigious customers with the best lead times and service. While the Company’s book-to-bill ratio is exploding, it must challenge its existing supply chain and find short- and long-term solutions to maintain and even continue to raise the bar on service quality. These solutions involve continuous negotiations with current suppliers and investments to diversify sourcing, including relocating some of the processes to minimize transportation and environmental effects.

With the use of AI algorithms and predictive maintenance implemented through AIoT, IoT devices will have the capability to dynamically determine actions to take decisions and self-program based on analytics and customer defined knowledge, resulting in lower operating and maintenance costs for providers.

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The overarching objective of the technological integration is to establish a foothold into the AIoT market to maximize near-term revenue, while at the same time create significant market opportunities in sectors such as industry 4, retail, financial transaction, automotive, smart cities, consumer products, healthcare, smart cards, industrial, transportation, and IT infrastructure.  AI plays a growing role in IoT applications and deployments. Both investments and acquisitions in startups that merge AI and IoT have climbed over the past two years. Major vendors of IoT platform software now o**** integrated AI capabilities such as machine learning-based analytics.

The value of adding AI to the WISeKey platform is its ability to quickly wring insights from data. Machine learning, an AI technology, brings the ability to automatically identify patterns and detect anomalies in the data that smart sensors and devices gather such as temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, vibration, and sound.

WISeKey’s strategy to leverage its technology platform via long-lasting relationships with a strategic partner, is designed to bring a stream of high-profile clients that are in high demand for cybersecurity solutions, such as AI, digital identity and privacy, secure mobile communication, secure cloud computing, IoT, secure semi-conductors, Blockchain and other innovative technologies offered by WISeKey.

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