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WhiteSource Launches Azure Repository Integration

WhiteSource Launches Azure Repository Integration
The integration, WhiteSource for Azure Repos, gives developers full-spectrum application security that enables automated remediation without slowing development

WhiteSource, a leader in open source security and management, today released an Azure DevOps repository integration, allowing Azure DevOps users to detect all open source components and automatically enforce security policies directly from their repository. Users can now receive alerts on vulnerabilities along with detailed remediation information, including suggested fixes and prioritization advice, all in the comfort of their native environment, free from the burden of learning a new user interface (UI).

As the time-to-market for applications becomes shorter each year, software development teams are challenged with accelerating their processes without compromising on security. Many Software Composition Analysis (SCA) vendors scan for vulnerabilities in the repository, but only provide results exclusively in their own UI, which slows the development process down. The WhiteSource for Azure Repos integration automatically scans open source code for security vulnerabilities or license violations on every merge request, before the code is merged. If a merge request introduces a new error, the developer is given immediate feedback to resolve any newly introduced vulnerabilities. Positive feedback is given when a pull request resolves vulnerabilities. This differential view between feature branches and mainline branches prevents interruptions to workflows. In addition to WhiteSource’s existing integrations with all major code repositories, including GitHub, GitHub Packages, JFrog, Bitbucket, and GitLab, the new WhiteSource for Azure Repos integration allows users to generate inventory, security, and compliance reports.

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With the WhiteSource for Azure Repos cloud-based integration, users can:

  • View automated remediation suggestions — WhiteSource Enterprise automatically generates pull requests in the repository to update vulnerable open source components to the lowest non-vulnerable version.
  • Enforce policies – policies are automatically enforced in the repository for each merge request. The status and results of each scan appear on the Commits page.
  • Merge with confidence – WhiteSource’s “Merge Confidence” feature uses crowdsourced data to show how likely an open source component can be updated without breaking the build. Merge Confidence includes data on upgrade age, adoption, and compatibility to create a confidence s****.
  • Scan for IaC misconfigurations – Protect production environments and provide security for the cloud, containers, and Kubernetes directly from Azure Repos.

“Scanning for vulnerabilities within the repository is the ‘furthest left’ organizations can shift their security efforts while still enforcing policies and requiring all developers to scan their code,” said Ori Bach, Executive Vice President of Product at WhiteSource. “The cost of remediating vulnerabilities is higher the further you progress into your software development life cycle. With the WhiteSource for Azure Repos integration, developers can receive feedback on their code when it is fresh in their minds, making it easier to remediate vulnerabilities while helping organizations ultimately save time and money.”

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