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Vaultree Announces New Integration with Tableau

Vaultree Announces New Integration with Tableau

Vaultree, a cybersecurity leader pioneering Fully Functional Data-In-Use Encryption (FFDUE), announces a strategic integration with Tableau, a renowned platform for data visualization and business intelligence. This marks a monumental leap forward in secure financial and healthcare data analytics, enabling encrypted data to be safely analyzed and visualized for the first time, all while maintaining absolute data privacy and security.

“Today, we are introducing a unique synergy between encryption and data visualization,” says Ryan Lasmaili, Founder and CEO of Vaultree.“Our integration with Tableau is a significant step in driving data security and business intelligence to new heights.It combines our persistent FFDUE encryption with Tableau’s secure data visualization, promoting innovation, mitigating cybersecurity risks, and ensuring regulatory compliance with standards like GDPR and CCPA.”

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New features and benefits include:

End-to-End Encrypted Data Analytics: The Vaultree-Tableau integration empowers organizations to carry out sophisticated predictive modellingtrend analysis, and market research on encrypted data. This innovation is set to transform how sensitive financial and healthcare data is utilized, transforming the industry landscape by allowing organizations to unlock their full potential while preserving data security and privacy.

Secure Data Visualization: This integration enables the viewing of insights derived from computations on encrypted data in plaintext on a Tableau dashboard. This breakthrough provides a new level of secure business intelligence, combining the power of advanced analytics with the security of end-to-end encryption.

AI & ML on Encrypted Data: The Vaultree-Tableau integration allows organizations to perform advanced encrypted search, machine learning, and AI-powered data analysis on sensitive data. This functionality fosters unprecedented levels of innovation and enhances decision-making without sacrificing data security.

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“We’re fostering a future where persistent FFDUE encryption and secure data visualization are driving industry innovation, fueling growth, and reducing cybersecurity risks, all while ensuring stricter compliance with regulatory requirements,” adds Lasmaili. “Today, we’re making that future a reality.”

Vaultree continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in secure data collaboration and management, delivering solutions that address the evolving challenges of data privacy and security in both the financial services and healthcare sectors.With this integration, Vaultree further affirms its commitment to driving industry-wide transformation and shaping the future of secure, data-driven innovation.

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