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TranSigma Announces New Service Offering Digital Operations Data Analytics

TranSigma Announces New Service Offering Digital Operations Data Analytics
The secret weapon of CTO’s and CISO’s – Digital Operations Data Analytics combines process and data intelligence to unlock tremendous efficiencies and cost savings.

TranSigma, an agile transformation management consulting firm, announces a new service offering, Digital Operations Data Analytics. Digital Operations Data Analytics brings together functional and technical data engineers to solve the largest operational issues facing today’s CISO’s and CTO’s.

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“This new service offering is truly unique and exciting.”

Within each of its service offerings, TranSigma applies Agile, Lean and Change Management principles to transform your business into the digital enterprise of the future. Having an unwavering focus on value to the customer and employees, we use data-driven methods to produce automated streamlined processes.

In this proven approach, Digital Operations Data Analytics teams consist of highly experienced domain experts, experienced executives, data analysts, information systems developers and technical data engineers collaborating in agile teams designed to solve core business issues for CTO’s and CISO’s. They go far beyond the basics of data acquisition, ETL and reporting – driving fundamental process improvement and execution efficiency with TranSigma’s methodology: Data Driven Orchestration (DDO).

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DDO accelerates transformation at every level. Data is integrated, crunched, wrangled and intelligently transformed to drive automated decision-making and actions. For example, with DDO in Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Management millions of assets and billions of deficiencies/vulnerabilities automatically drive remediations, scheduling, hygiene activities and more. It optimizes existing operational processes while articulating and justifying necessary, transformative decisions.

Significant benefits have been realized in many areas including:

  • Infrastructure / CMDB
  • Server operations
  • Digital workplace operations
  • Cybersecurity operations

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Kevin Hanrahan, CEO of TranSigma, said: “This new service offering is truly unique and exciting.” He goes on to say: “With this approach we have rapidly delivered both value and quantum transformation potential: Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom and Action are unified … always done with an unwavering focus on people and production value. Ultimately, everything starts and ends with people – employees, customers and community – but the underlying automated intelligence delivered by our teams enables it all to happen.”

Richard Metz, Executive Vice President, commented: “Organizations often lean heavily on superficial reporting, driven by under- and mis-configured tools. This creates a tremendous opportunity for efficiency and cost-savings through business process acumen, tenacious data interrogation, and domain expertise.”

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