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The Norton Genie App Brings Real-Time Scam Detection to the Masses

Norton Partners with Award-Winning Creator Dan Levy to Bring Real-Time Scam Detection App, Norton Genie, to the Masses

Norton Genie, the world’s leading scam detection app by Norton, a leader in Cyber Safety and part of Gen ), is now available to the general public. To shine a light on one of the most pervasive cyber threats of our time – scams – Norton has partnered with the multi-hyphenate Emmy award w****** creator Dan Levy to bring awareness to the new free app that helps people determine in real-time if a text, email or social media post is legitimate.


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“At this point cyber scams are everywhere. I get emails every week claiming I need to click some random link in order to ‘claim a p****.’ So, when Norton approached me to help them in fighting back against cyber scams, I was happy to get involved,” said Dan Levy. “It’s so easy these days to get tricked into opening, clicking, or sharing shady links. The fact that Genie helps identify these scams and keeps people from falling victim to sharing money or personal information is such an important tool.”

With new research showing that 1 in 5 people have been scammed in the past year, Norton Genie allows people to upload screenshots of potential scams and delivers an immediate assessment. If the content is considered suspicious, it explains why and offers advice on what to do next. In the past month alone, Genie has scanned thousands of uploads and determined nearly 45% were legitimate scam attempts.

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“Scams will remain the leading cyber threat across the globe in 2024 and will continue to evolve in complexity at an unprecedented speed as a result of rapidly advancing technologies,” said Ondrej Vlcek, President at Gen. “As the cyber threat landscape gets more complex, Norton Genie makes it as easy as possible to protect yourself from scams 24/7. Since its early access launch last year, we’ve been gathering learnings and results to ensure Norton Genie lives up to its potential, meets the needs of customers, and helps empower people to take advantage of the digital world, safely, privately and confidently.”

Norton’s partnership with Dan Levy will inform people about the prevalence and effectiveness of scams in the modern-day. Starting today, the collaboration between Dan and Norton Genie can be found in :60, :30 and :15 spots across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other digital channels, including Dan’s own social channels.

“We know today’s scams are harder to spot than ever before. Scammers are getting smarter and adopting new technology – but so are we,” said Krista Todd, CMO at Gen. “We are thrilled to have Dan help bring Norton Genie to life. With the help of Genie, and Dan, we’re empowering people to make smart decisions online and be more cyber resilient with a powerful new tool that can give them instant feedback and guidance to avoid getting scammed. This is just the beginning, and we are excited and optimistic about the ways Genie can help people today and in the future.”

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