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SOC Prime’s Attack Detective Active Threat-Informed Defense

SOC Prime’s Attack Detective Active Threat-Informed Defense

SOC Prime, the world’s largest and most advanced platform for collective cyber defense, announces the launch of its Attack Detective solution that acts as industry-first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for active threat-informed defense. With Attack Detective, organizations can automatically validate detection stack, gain real-time attack surface visibility, investigate existing risks matching custom threat hunting scenarios, and prioritize detection procedures to find breaches before adversaries have a chance to attack.

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SOC Prime announces the launch of its Attack Detective, acting as the industry-first SaaS for collective cyber defense that enables automated detection stack validation and threat hunting backed by Sigma rules and MITRE ATT&CK®.

Leveraging Attack Detective, security teams can run an automated read-only MITRE ATT&CK® data audit in less than 300 seconds to find the blind spots in log source coverage, address existing gaps relying on enhancement recommendations, and ensure complete visibility into current or emerging threats challenging the organization.

Backed by data audit results, security professionals can benefit from SOC Prime’s 10,000 Sigma rules library against any adversary TTPs to launch a threat investigation across multiple SIEM, EDR, XDR, and Data Lake systems via connecting and correlating log data in its native location, without the need to transfer it to or away from the cloud. As a result, Attack Detective provides a real-time snapshot of attack coverage using MITRE ATT&CK as a main correlation rule to highlight triggered TTPs and provide a list of prioritized Sigma rules enabling teams to focus on incident investigation rather than analyzing overwhelming volumes of alerts. Security experts can choose from a variety of hunting scenarios to tailor an investigation against existing cybersecurity priorities or choose a threat-informed defense option that leverages collective expertise to scan assets for threats most trending for the chosen industry.

Attack Detective ensures a cumulative effect by engaging security professionals to validate risks through SIEM or EDR queries and share feedback on the rule behavior while optimizing detection procedures and defending industry peers. By coordinating efforts, Attack Detective users can foster global information exchange furthering SOC Prime’s mission to drive collective cyber defense.

With zero trust being top of mind for most organizations as a critical strategy to reduce risks and enable businesses to operate with minimal friction, according to Gartner, Attack Detective plays a pivotal role in helping organizations stay compliant with the key zero-trust principles. Being built on Zero-Trust Architecture, Attack Detective ensures that different accounts are used for policy configuration and for data storage access in different tenants, which excludes the possibility of data transfer between the control plane and the data plane.

“With attack volumes rapidly increasing, the amount of manual work needed for effective cyber defense has begun to outpace productive returns,” said Andrii Bezverkhyi, inventor of Uncoder.IO, Founder and CEO of SOC Prime. “By alleviating the manual process of detection stack validation and threat investigation, Attack Detective empowers security teams to rely on collective industry expertise backed by Sigma rules and MITRE ATT&CK for comprehensive attack surface visibility, allowing organizations to identify and prevent breaches faster while optimizing security investments.”

In line with CISA’s Cybersecurity Strategic Plan FY2024 – 2026 highlighting three core goals, including addressing immediate threats, hardening the terrain, and driving cybersecurity at scale, Attack Detective fuses the power of collective industry expertise, open-source Sigma rules standard, and MITRE ATT&CK framework, to accelerate cybersecurity transformation according with the declared strategy.

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Simultaneously, Attack Detective helps organizations stay adherent to the new Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules on cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident disclosure by public companies obliging to uncover any cybersecurity incident considered to be material in a 4-day span. Empowered with Attack Detective, security teams can easily consolidate disparate pieces of information stored within multi-cloud environments and across multiple locations into actionable datasets, obtain a heatmap over a selected time period with triggered TTPs, check if the visualized data can be attributed to a relevant attack, and streamline threat hunting procedures by serving a set of prioritized Sigma rules – with all that possible within hours.

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