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Radware Defends Israeli Media Website Rotter from Tsunami-Size Web DDoS Attacks

Radware Defends Israeli Media Website Rotter from Tsunami-Size Web DDoS Attacks

Combats aggressive layer 7 DDoS attacks without disrupting legitimate traffic

Radware, a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, announced that Rotter, an Israeli media business, expanded its portfolio of Radware services. Rotter extended its use of Radware’s Cloud Application Protection Services to include Cloud Web DDoS Protection, a new solution designed to combat high-volume, multi-vector Web DDoS Tsunami attacks. Rotter increased its Radware protection and replaced its existing security solution after a series of Tsunami attacks were waged against Israeli websites during a recent hacktivist campaign.

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“Radware’s unique behavioral-based approach to Web DDoS protection and use of automated real-time signatures changed the game for us when we were hit with tsunami-size Web DDoS attacks,” said Noam Rotter, cyber security consultant from Rotter. “During a prolonged wave of these attacks, Radware was able to automatically detect and instantly generate new signatures for unknown malicious requests without negatively impacting our legitimate traffic.”

Web DDoS Tsunami attacks are an emerging generation of aggressive, layer 7 (L7), HTTPS Flood attacks. To elude detection, the attacks masquerade as legitimate traffic and use multiple evasion techniques, such as randomizing HTTP headers, cookies, spoofing IPs, and more.

“Rotter is committed to security best practices and understands why thinking differently about mitigation solutions is so important in this threat landscape,” said Iftach Parizada, Radware’s regional manager in Israel. “The convergence of emboldened state actors, more sophisticated attack tools and a shift to the application layer has created a new breed of DDoS attack that poses a cyber threat to organizations regardless of industry or geography.”

Radware’s Cloud Web DDoS Protection uniquely combines automated behavioral-based L7 algorithms with the high-scale infrastructure needed to accurately defend organizations against high request-per-second Web DDoS Tsunami attacks.

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Radware’s Cloud Application Protection Services provide comprehensive, agnostic application protection through the company’s industry-leading web application firewall (WAF), bot detection and management, API protection, client-side protection, and application-layer DDoS protection. Combining end-to-end automation, behavioral-based detection, and 24/7 managed services, the solution is designed to offer organizations the highest level of application protection with the lowest level of false positives.

Radware has received numerous awards for its application and network security solutions. Industry analysts such as Aite-Novarica Group, Forrester Research, Gartner, GigaOm, KuppingerCole, and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions continue to recognize Radware as a market leader in cyber security.

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