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Nordpass Introduces Password History Functionality and Further Localizes Its Tool

Nordpass Introduces Password History Functionality and Further Localizes Its Tool

NordPass announced it complemented its password management solution with new features. The company’s individual and business users will now be able to access previous password versions. Also, Spanish and Italian languages were added to the platform’s Admin Panel.

Solves the issue of users overwriting passwords

The Password History functionality, which is the latest addition to the NordPass solution, ensures that users can view up to 10 of their latest password versions, restore a selected password, and copy it if needed. This feature is now available across all operating systems and devices.

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Developed to address consumers’ needs, this functionality is especially useful for those users that share and jointly manage passwords with friends or colleagues. Prior to its introduction, if one user updated a password solely on NordPass, the other user would sometimes find themselves unable to access the account.

“With this functionality we can ensure that our users always have access to their accounts and encounter no difficulties even when co-managing the credentials with other team members, family, or friends. Delivering a smooth, secure, and efficient experience to our consumers is what we aim for with our product strategy,” says Gediminas Brencius, the head of product growth at NordPass.

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NordPass available in more languages

NordPass also added Spanish and Italian to the company’s business software. These languages can now be set as the default language in the platform’s Admin Panel. Until now, English, German, French, and Lithuanian were the only available languages in the Admin Panel.

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