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New Service Unveiled at CES 2024 by WiseKey and SEALSQ to Enhance Cryptocurrency Security

WISeKey and SEALSQ Launch at CES 2024 in Las Vegas a New Service to Elevate Cryptocurrency Security with Advanced Digital Identification and Robust Multi-Factor Authentication

WISeKey and SEALSQ Launch at CES 2024 in Las Vegas a New Service to Elevate Cryptocurrency Security with Advanced Digital Identification and Robust Multi-Factor Authentication

WISeKey International Holding a global leader in cybersecurity, digital identity, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions operating as a holding company, today announced that together with its subsidiary, SEALSQ Corp (“SEALSQ”) , a company that focuses on developing and selling Semiconductors, PKI and Post-Quantum technology hardware and software products,announced the launch of new sophisticated digital identification service as part of WISeID platform, at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This new service is designed to elevate cryptocurrency security using Advanced Digital Identification and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities.


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In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency transactions, security remains paramount. WISeKey and SEALSQ are at the forefront, offering an unparalleled solution that integrates sophisticated digital identification with robust dual-factor authentication, catering specifically to the needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals.

Advanced Blockchain Security
Cryptocurrency transactions, inherently secured by blockchain technology, present a formidable challenge for cybercriminals attempting to exploit transactional data. However, the ingenuity of hackers in devising cryptocurrency schemes to extract sensitive information, such as wallet key phrases, necessitates enhanced vigilance.

Elevating Security with MFA
Implementing MFA is a critical defense strategy in safeguarding cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. MFA fortifies security by necessitating multiple verification methods — ranging from traditional passwords to biometric scans and unique codes generated by specialized mobile applications. This multi-tiered approach significantly mitigates the risk of unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

Safeguarding Private Keys
The sanctity of an individual’s private key, the sole access point to their cryptocurrency investments, cannot be overstated. Experts advocate for the use of hardware wallets, akin to USB devices, which securely store private codes. Such wallets ensure that the private key remains encrypted and never directly interacts with potentially vulnerable online environments. Additionally, duplicating the hardware wallet and securing it in locations like safe deposit boxes offers a fail-safe against key loss.

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User-Controlled Digital Identities: The New Norm

In a landscape where data privacy is paramount, digital identities must shift from platform-centric to user-centric models. This paradigm shift empowers users to maintain control over their personal information, ensuring privacy and preventing unauthorized data exploitation by platforms or third parties. Furthermore, this model facilitates identity continuity across various platforms and fosters healthy competition among them, as users can seamlessly transition their digital identities.

WISeID: Pioneering in Trusted Identity Services

WISeID’s first-generation technology pioneers as a trusted identity service, streamlining access to web and mobile applications through advanced authentication methods. The service encompasses online KYC onboarding, OTP, digital certificate login, and a revolutionary “hands-free” secure login using QR-Codes. These QR-Codes, readable via the WISeID suite of mobile applications, eliminate the need for typing passwords, thereby enhancing both security and user convenience.

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