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Metomic Launches U.S.-Based Data Hosting Capabilities To Meet Data Security Needs For Highly Regulated Businesses

Metomic Launches U.S.-Based Data Hosting Capabilities To Meet Data Security Needs For Highly Regulated Businesses

Businesses required to comply with government-enforced data security standards in both Europe and U.S. will now be able to host their data on U.S. soil when partnering with Metomic for their data security needs across SaaS, cloud and GenAI applications

Metomic, a next generation data security solution for protecting sensitive data in the new era of collaborative SaaS, cloud and GenAI applications, announced that its customers can leverage the Metomic platform without their data leaving U.S. soil. The launch of U.S. data hosting is a major competitive advantage for highly regulated industries, including healthcare, finance, and insurance organizations, that must comply with government-enforced data security standards.


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As consumer privacy legislation continues to evolve across the globe, many businesses must navigate complex data security standards. In the EU, businesses must comply with GDPR and Privacy Shield 2.0, a data privacy framework recently launched by the European Commission. Data security regulations in the U.S. can differ from state to state. There are also industry-specific regulations like HIPAA, which dictate how healthcare data is stored and exchanged, or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) that addresses how credit card data is managed.
For highly regulated industries, data security compliance measures often mean that the business must host and process data in the same country where the customer resides. With Metomic, businesses now have a choice when it comes to where their data is hosted, enabling them to remain compliant while still benefiting from Metomic’s advanced capabilities to detect the risks that matter, and secure sensitive data in SaaS, Cloud, and GenAI applications.
“Data privacy regulations are a top priority for highly regulated industries in Europe and the U.S., with legislation becoming more stringent across both continents. Meanwhile, businesses continue to implement more and more SaaS, cloud and GenAI applications, relying on collaborative work tools to be as efficient and productive as possible. These two opposing forces are creating massive data security challenges for organizations with customers across the globe,” said Rich Vibert, CEO, Metomic. “At Metomic our priority is keeping data secure and compliant, without getting in the way of business innovation, productivity, and collaboration. That’s why we want to make sure our customers have the choice between the US and Europe  when it comes to processing and storing their sensitive data.”

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Because Metomic works with a number of businesses that must comply with both EU and U.S. data security standards, having access to data hosting capabilities in the U.S. is a non-negotiable for many enterprise organizations.
In addition to being compliant, Metomic’s U.S. customers will achieve reduced latency in real-time data processing because data is being processed and stored closer to where it is created (versus a data center located on a different continent).
Metomic’s data security software for SaaS was born out of the frustration of its leaders trying to implement SaaS applications that make businesses more productive but are off limits because of high-risk security concerns. As a next generation security solution focused on cloud-based applications, Metomic gives security teams clear visibility into their organization’s SaaS network to manage sensitive data and detect security threats, allowing businesses to take full advantage of their SaaS application network.

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