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LOGIQ.AI Unveils Data Fabric Platform v3.5: Exciting New Features, Offers and Enhanced Observability Risk Management

LOGIQ.AI Unveils Data Fabric Platform v3.5: Exciting New Features, Offers and Enhanced Observability Risk Management

LOGIQ.AI, a leading data observability platform, has secured a patent for its operational data management technology, which allows the company to provide more advanced IT operations data analysis solutions. This groundbreaking method has the potential to transform how organizations manage their data.

Moreover, LOGIQ is offering a one-year u******** data volume license at n****** to startups established within the last two years.

LOGIQ has also introduced LOGIQ 3.5, a new version of its log management and analysis platform, featuring several exciting enhancements:

Topology-powered root-cause analysis: The observability platform now employs topology-driven root cause analysis to swiftly identify performance issues by analyzing component relationships and pinpointing the root cause for users to take corrective action.

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User-friendly interface for building data pipelines: The intuitive interface for constructing data pipelines enables users to easily collect and process data from various sources, allowing even non-technical users to create intricate data pipelines quickly.

Built-in AI for anomaly detection: LOGIQ’s integrated AI capabilities facilitate anomaly detection in data and alert users to potential issues before they escalate into critical problems, enabling proactive issue resolution and minimizing downtime.

B******+ traces scale distributed tracing with OpenTelemetry: Users can track requests across multiple services and identify performance issues using distributed tracing with OpenTelemetry. The platform’s ability to handle billions of traces makes its distributed tracing capabilities unmatched in the industry.

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Founder & CEO Ranjan Parthasarathy commented, “Text search-only interfaces are obsolete; visual tools are essential for making sense of vast data volumes and quickly identifying errors across numerous services and microservices. This is a game changer!”

In addition, LOGIQ has developed a Plan B for ongoing observability risks associated with cloud-native observability platforms. This solution allows customers to store first-mile data locally before forwarding it to their chosen SaaS platform, ensuring a backup plan for observability, 100% data ownership, and a more efficient and comprehensive path to data compliance.

VP & Head of Sales Jay Swamidass stated, “LOGIQ’s observability risk backup strategy enables customers to maintain control over their data flow to SaaS providers and potentially reduce costs. Our dedication to Federated Observability underlines our mission to democratize observability data and empower customers to own their data.”

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