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Kaspersky launches a new Online Cybersecurity Training for ‘Mobile Malware Reverse Engineering’ Experts

Kaspersky launches a new Online Cybersecurity Training for ‘Mobile Malware Reverse Engineering’ Experts

Developed by Kaspersky experts, the company’s new ‘Mobile Malware Reverse Engineering’ course helps upgrade any security team’s ability to counter various cyber threats caused for business by smartphones. The new learning program helps to develop such skills as Android dynamic instrumentation and Ghidra native binaries reverse engineering. It also covers the advanced features of static analysis and explains how to analyze mobile malware for Android and iOS. The course is most relevant for specialists who want to deepen their skills in mobile threat hunting in the government sector, IT security companies and labs, and enterprise SOC teams.

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Keeping systems intact has become a growing challenge for corporate IT security and SOC teams because of almost everyone in the world owns a smartphone that mixes the person’s private and professional lives. This allows cybercriminals and sophisticated APT actors use mobile malware in cyberattacks against organizations, so the ability to counter such attacks is crucial for corporate security teams.

The ‘Mobile Malware Reverse Engineering’ is the new course in the Kaspersky Expert Training portfolio. It is based on Kaspersky’s vast experience in this field and authored by one of the company’s leading experts on mobile malware, Victor Chebyshev. The course features reversing of some outstanding and unique malware samples like MagicKarakurt, LightSpy and the DuKong framework.

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Within the course, users will study different indicators (permissions, strings, signature, resource files) and learn how to analyze native libraries and mobile malware for Android and iOS.

The well-structured videos and hands-on virtual labs provide for effective learning, while the on-demand format is great for studying at your own pace. All training materials as well as 100 hours of virtual lab time will be available for students for six months.

“The use of mobile devices within the company is a commonplace and this is a reason for organizations need to be prepared for all kind of threats caused by smartphones to avoid a cybersecurity breach,” said Victor Chebyshev, lead security researcher at KasperskyKeeping this risk in mind, we developed a course aimed at security professionals and SOC team managers to help them identify threats on time and keep the business safe. Within the course we will demonstrate infamous malware samples and provide students with detailed practical comments.”

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