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JupiterOne Launches Stellar Technology Alliance Program To Help Customers with Cyber Asset Management, Integration, and Visibility

JupiterOne Launches Stellar Technology Alliance Program To Help Customers with Cyber Asset Management, Integration, and Visibility
Armis, Cisco, CyCognito, Orca Security, SentinelOne, Splunk, Sysdig and Torq among inaugural partners.

JupiterOne, the industry’s leading provider of cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) technology, announced its Stellar Partner Program. Driven by customer demand, the program accelerates innovation between JupiterOne and strategic IT and security vendors to deliver enhanced value to participating partners and joint customers.

In addition to the more than 180 technology integrations supported out of the box, JupiterOne will collaborate with Stellar partners to support critical use cases that accelerate cloud assessments and investigations. This differentiated approach provides structural awareness and graph-based visualization of complex cloud and hybrid environments. Enterprises who deploy JupiterOne immediately see value through the ability to identify, map, and analyze cyber assets, which provides enhanced visibility and control over their environments with real-time queries from dozens of data sources from a single interface.

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The JupiterOne Stellar Partner Program brings together technology providers from key sectors in IT, Security, and DevOps to create a modern cloud-based technology stack. By delivering a streamlined workflow with integrated solutions powered by its Stellar partnership ecosystem, JupiterOne simplifies day-to-day operations for its users, reducing associated costs and resource burnout from the constant toggling between multiple siloed tools.

The program includes four partnership types: Technology Alliances, Strategic Alliances, Cloud Service Providers, and Consulting Partners. Inaugural partners of the program include Armis, Cisco, CyCognito, Orca Security, SentinelOne, Splunk, Sysdig and Torq.

Benefits of the JupiterOne Stellar Partner Program include:

  • Superior technical integration and engineering support for the JupiterOne platform to deliver improved functionality and visibility into critical data and alerts
  • Enhanced customer support to accelerate integration and deployment of best-of-breed tools
  • Dedicated collaboration for innovative ways to go-to-market to drive market awareness, such as joint marketing initiatives and industry events
  • Exclusive access to partner-only content

Since its inception in 2020, JupiterOne has met the needs of the market, filling a gap in cybersecurity to help organizations understand and secure their cyber asset landscape. JupiterOne supports the rapid shift to the cloud, increase in cloud-native systems, and move towards API-driven security. The JupiterOne cloud-native CAASM platform integrates with leading infrastructure and security tooling to continuously collect asset information and detect drift from expected norms. Strategic partnerships are an integral component of JupiterOne’s product strategy, which the company is committed to grow based on customer demand. With the shared mission of delivering first-class solutions for its joint customers, JupiterOne and its partners can help organizations better secure their growing attack surface through a unified security workflow.

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Erkang Zheng, Founder and CEO at JupiterOne
“We created the Stellar Partner Program with our partners and joint customers in mind, to enable higher ROI and faster time-to-value through an integrated solution. At JupiterOne, we believe in the power of community and understand the value that partnerships bring to the industry by accelerating innovation and improving security for all.”

Didi Dayton, Growth and Strategy at JupiterOne
“We have optimized customer visibility and context for cloud security, with amazing partners that together provide the foundation of the modern security stack.”

Ed Barry, VP of Strategic Alliances at Armis
“Armis is proud to join JupiterOne’s Stellar Partner Program and create a strong business and technology partnership. Together, Armis and JupiterOne will undoubtedly make our offerings more powerful and beneficial for our joint customers.”

Randy Streu, SVP of Channels & Alliances at CyCognito
“CyCognito is committed to helping businesses prevent breaches by providing them with unparalleled attack surface visibility and risk detection across previously unknown and unmanaged assets. Our partnership with JupiterOne expands our joint vision of giving mutual customers a consolidated view of critical attack surface risks, reducing analysis time, and dramatically lower time to remediate critical exposures.”

Brian Laing, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Orca Security
“We are excited about the partnership between JupiterOne and Orca Security. Our shared customers are now able to feed the full visibility and comprehensive cloud security context from Orca’s SideScanning and Unified Data Model into JupiterOne’s centralized security platform, providing more cloud security telemetry and context for users.”

Ruby Sharma, Head of Technology Ecosystem at SentinelOne
“Modern attack surfaces are constantly growing more complex, causing visibility gaps and a persistent struggle to manage cyber risk. As an XDR leader, SentinelOne provides unparalleled visibility and protection across the enterprise attack surface, including endpoints, identity, cloud, mobile, data, and more. Partnering with JupiterOne’s attack surface management and cloud security posture management helps organizations gain broad visibility to focus on what matters.”

Patrick Coughlin, GVP, Security Market at Splunk
“Through our collaboration with JupiterOne, customers will uncover deeper insights about their ever-expanding universe of cyber assets to improve detection and accelerate response. Splunk combines advanced security analytics, streamlined security operations and an open and thriving partner ecosystem to deliver outsized outcomes for our customers in security and cyber resilience.”

Bryan Smoltz, Vice President, Technology Partnerships at Sysdig
“Visibility and prioritization are hallmark challenges in cloud-native environments. The JupiterOne/Sysdig partnership enables joint customers to quickly understand the impact of a vulnerability so they can conduct broader and more correlated forensic analyses. This is possible because JupiterOne can take a Sysdig-discovered vulnerability and map it to the rest of its cyber assets.”

Eldad Livni, Co-Founder and CINO at Torq
“Torq is excited to join forces with JupiterOne to transform the CAASM space and deliver value to our customers by combining complete asset visibility and automation into a streamlined workflow.”

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