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(ISC)² Launches AI-Based Self-Paced CISSP Readiness Education

(ISC)² Launches AI-Based Self-Paced CISSP Readiness Education

(ISC)² – the world’s largest nonprofit association of c******** cybersecurity professionals announced the launch of the (ISC)² Official Self-Paced CISSP Readiness Education, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to guide the participants along pathways tailored to their individual needs based on prior knowledge, learning speed and confidence levels.

The Official CISSP Online Self-Paced experience provides individuals with an efficient learning journey through targeted assessments that enables the AI to gauge individuals’ competence and confidence for each topic, then adapts the education to better serve any knowledge gaps or deficiencies. Additionally, students have access to their learning analytics, enabling them to make data-driven decisions on what they know and where they need to spend more time.

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“(ISC)² continues to be a leader in providing flexible learning options for certification training. Our AI-driven adaptive education is game-changing and will revolutionize the way (ISC)² certification candidates learn. No longer are candidates required to conform to a traditional, one-sized-fits-all training program,” said Clar Rosso, CEO at (ISC)². “Preparing for CISSP is now much more efficient and effective as individuals can identify weaker areas to focus on to help them better prepare for the exam.”

In addition to improving the preparation process for the CISSP certification, this AI-driven solution also exemplifies how rapidly evolving technological innovations like artificial intelligence can be embraced to improve the cybersecurity workforce. With an estimated workforce gap of 3.4 million individuals, the cybersecurity industry has a clear need for tools such as AI that reduce burnout, help workers complete tasks quickly and efficiently, and allow them to easily share information with one another.

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To learn more about the evolution of the cyber workforce, RSA participants can attend a panel discussion titled “Perspectives on the Developing Cyber Workforce Strategy” on Thursday, April 27, from 1-1:50 PM PT in Moscone Center South, room 201. (ISC)²’s EVP, Advocacy, Global Markets and Member Engagement Tara Wisniewski will be joined by panelists from American University and Trellix, with Camille Stewart Gloster of the White House Office of the National Cyber Director moderating. Those interested can learn more here.

The new learning experience, accessible for 180 days, offers interactive study materials and a robust search capability that enables learners to find specific educational resources and content. Participants will also have access to an analytics dashboard to track progress and performance. Easy and accessible email support is also available for those who require additional assistance.

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