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IN2CORE QTAKE Software Empowered by MulticoreWare’s x265

IN2CORE QTAKE Software Empowered by MulticoreWare’s x265
IN2CORE the developer of QTAKE – an advanced filmmaking software developed to assist industry professionals

IN2CORE licenses MulticoreWare’s x265 in developing modules for their QTAKE software application. QTAKE was launched in 2009 & has become an industry-standard tool preferred by video assist professionals around the globe.

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“MulticoreWare has been leading the deployment of the state-of-the-art video codec x265 (HEVC) & the next-generation video codec x266 (VVC)”

x265 – the gold standard in HEVC encoding led by MulticoreWare is being used by leading video streaming services, movie studios & post-production companies worldwide.

QTAKE is a macOS application integrating every aspect of modern video assist into a single solution. QTAKE software is modular, offering a great variety of features such as up to 8xHD or 2x4K recording and playback, real-time image processing, green-screen compositing, multi-camera live editing, dailies export, etc. It’s used to shoot all kinds of projects, from commercials, TV series to blockbusters; such as Avengers, X-Men, Mandalorian, and many others. QTAKE offers true remote video village experience, the most requested feature today. Using streams of up to 4K HDR quality with talkback and studio-grade security, remote team-members can collaborate interactively as if they were on the set or sharing the same editing room.

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MulticoreWare’s x265 software encoder is used by QTAKE’s STREAM module for high bit depth encoding, low bitrate & low latency for live streaming videos up to 4K resolution.

“Our previous experience with x264 has been great and that made us license MulticoreWare’s x265 encoder,” said Vlado Struhar, founder of IN2CORE. “MulticoreWare’s x265 encoder works well with our mission to target professional filmmakers & production teams to ensure we meet their requirements.”

“MulticoreWare has been leading the deployment of the state-of-the-art video codec x265 (HEVC) & the next-generation video codec x266 (VVC),” said Soumendra Mohanty, Vice-President of Worldwide Sales & Corporate Marketing, MulticoreWare. “We are delighted to support QTAKE to offer industry-leading services for media & software de

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velopers globally.”


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