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Illumio Delivers the Most Complete Zero Trust Segmentation Platform with the Addition of CloudSecure

Illumio Delivers the Most Complete Zero Trust Segmentation Platform with the Addition of CloudSecure

Illumio’s Zero Trust Segmentation platform contains attacks across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, endpoints, and data centers

Illumio, Inc., the Zero Trust Segmentation company, announced it has expanded its Zero Trust Segmentation Platform with Illumio CloudSecure to deliver the industry’s most complete segmentation portfolio, containing attacks across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Now through a single console, organizations can more quickly reduce the impact of cyberattacks, ransomware, and increase cyber resilience.


According to research from Vanson Bourne, more than 6 in 10 IT and security decision makers believe the current cloud security posture at their organization poses a severe risk. Additionally, nearly half of all data breaches in the last year originated in the cloud, costing organizations $4.1 million on average.

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Illumio CloudSecure addresses the unique challenges security teams face in the public cloud, where visibility and control of the connections between dynamic applications and workloads are critical. These difficulties increase dramatically as more organizations utilize hybrid and multi-cloud environments. As a result, undetected attacks often evade traditional prevention, detection, and response strategies, allowing them to spread and reach critical assets and data. Zero Trust Segmentation stops any unauthorized movement automatically, limiting the reach of the attacker and the impact of a breach or ransomware event.

With Illumio CloudSecure, organizations can contain attacks efficiently and cost effectively on applications and workloads in their public cloud environments, across servers, virtual machines, containers, and serverless computing by:

  • Visualizing cloud workload connectivity to gather insights with an interactive map of application deployments, resources, traffic flows, and metadata.
  • Applying proactive segmentation controls to enable trusted communications between applications by authoring and provisioning controls using labels and IP lists.
  • Containing cloud attacks with the ability to adapt segmentation policies even in dynamic environments that are constantly changing.

“Securing hybrid and multi-cloud environments has been error-prone, costly, and complex. Existing solutions that focus on prevention, detection, and response alone cannot stop undetected attacks, such as ransomware,” said Mario Espinoza, Chief Product Officer at Illumio. “A Zero Trust Segmentation approach is the most effective way to solve that problem. Attempting to achieve Zero Trust with existing solutions is too costly and complex. From a single console, Illumio delivers Zero Trust Segmentation in a simple and cost-effective way by automatically building a relationship graph that brings complete visibility and simplifies segmentation to stop attacks trying to move through your infrastructure.”

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CloudSecure plays a key role in cloud application and workload security. According to Vanson Bourne, 93 percent of organizations see Zero Trust Segmentation as an essential piece of their cloud security strategy. By bringing Zero Trust Segmentation alongside other approaches, such as cloud-native application protection platforms (CNAPP), organizations gain additional context into their application deployments. Along with a visualization of traffic flow between applications and workloads, organizations can ensure attacks are contained from moving throughout the cloud environment.

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study of Illumio ZTS found that Illumio reduces the impact of a breach by 66 percent by containing attacks. The study also found that Illumio prevents unauthorized movement across cloud infrastructures without placing additional stress on security teams – instead, Illumio ZTS decreases an organization’s operational effort by 90 percent.

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