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Hydrolix Joins Akamai Qualified Computing Partner Program

Hydrolix Joins Akamai Qualified Computing Partner Program (2)

Akamai Technologies the cloud company that powers and protects life online detailed capabilities from Hydrolix Inc. as part of the Akamai Qualified Computing Partner Program. Hydrolix offers TrafficPeak powered by Akamai, a managed observability platform that runs on Akamai Connected Cloud, the world’s most distributed platform for cloud computing, security, and content delivery.

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TrafficPeak delivers real-time data visualization and long-term data retention to Akamai customers for a fraction of the cost of other observability technologies. With TrafficPeak, Akamai customers can gain critical insights into their applications, users, and infrastructure with effortless integration, customizable dashboards, subsecond query performance, and customizable scheduling of automatic data retention. For example, TrafficPeak integrates seamlessly with Akamai security information and event management (SIEM) and DataStream 2 data to offer consolidated visibility into security incidents and application performance, all on a single dashboard. By leveraging TrafficPeak, customers can correlate SIEM data with delivery data, enabling them to identify potential security threats such as uncommon traffic spikes and other incidents.

Additional data types include:

  • Akamai’s Common Media Client Data (CMCD): leverages client-side data to optimize media content delivery in real time, resulting in a better streaming experience for end users.
  • Akamai mPulse: comprehensive digital experience monitoring and optimization platform empowers businesses to measure and enhance the performance and user experience of their websites and applications in real time.

“We are excited to provide real-time observability to all Akamai security and delivery customers,” said Marty Kagan, CEO of Hydrolix. “Akamai customers are hungry for a scalable observability solution to handle Akamai-scale workloads without effort or ruinous costs.”

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“Akamai is pleased to make TrafficPeak available to Akamai customers through the Akamai Qualified Computing Partner Program,” said Matt Berk, Vice President of Cloud Computing at Akamai. “With TrafficPeak, Akamai customers can seamlessly ingest, store, and query their Akamai data, including SIEM, DataStream 2, CMCD, and mPulse directly on Akamai Connected Cloud.”

The Akamai Qualified Computing Partner Program is designed to make solution-based services that are interoperable with Akamai’s cloud computing services easily accessible to Akamai customers. The services are provided by Akamai technology partners that complete a rigorous qualification process to ensure they are readily available to deploy and scale across the globally distributed Akamai Connected Cloud.

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