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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces Breakthrough HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform Innovations Spanning Silicon

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces Breakthrough HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform Innovations Spanning Silicon
HPE extends hybrid cloud leadership with the HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform to deliver industry’s most comprehensive on-premises offerings for scalable and secure cloud services that drive greater agility, simplicity and productivity at lower cost

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced at HPE Discover that it is extending its leadership in hybrid cloud with a comprehensive set of innovations to the HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform, the industry’s most robust and proven platform for cloud services in the data center, in a colocation center and at the edge. Innovations span applications, security, silicon and software with automated, cloud-native capabilities that can be performed in just a few clicks and managed in a unified platform.

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“Organizations today know that to succeed in their industries, they must pursue a cloud everywhere mandate, which enables them to collect, analyze, and act on data, wherever it resides”

These innovations enable customers to transform and modernize their workloads to a cloud operating model, optimize and secure applications from edge to cloud, and achieve a future-ready position capable of addressing and leveraging all forms of data, regardless of location.

Additionally, HPE announced today new HPE GreenLake cloud services to support critical applications across industries, such as for 5G, electronic medical records, financial services, data and risk analytics, and high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Together, these innovations extend HPE’s market leadership in delivering cloud services anywhere: in a customer’s data center, in a colocation center, or at the edge. HPE GreenLake cloud platform now has over 1,200 customers representing $4.8 B in total contract value and a 95% customer renewal rate, and is actively sold by over 900 partners worldwide.

Pioneering cloud services for on-premises with the HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform

HPE was the first to market four years ago in delivering an as-a-service cloud experience on premises and at the edge with the HPE GreenLake cloud platform, which provides cloud services for servers, storage, networking and a robust catalogue of software and workload applications, including container management and machine learning operations. Customers benefit from the agility and simplicity of the cloud and the governance, compliance, and visibility that comes with on-premises. This winning combination is appealing to customers, and HPE continues to accelerate momentum in cloud services. In HPE’s most recent quarter, HPE GreenLake grew annual recurring revenue 30 percent and grew orders 41 percent year-over-year.

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“Organizations today know that to succeed in their industries, they must pursue a cloud everywhere mandate, which enables them to collect, analyze, and act on data, wherever it resides,” said Antonio Neri, president and CEO at HPE. “The HPE GreenLake edge to cloud platform empowers organizations to harness the power of all their data, regardless of location, and today’s announcements further extend HPE’s leadership in this hybrid cloud market. From silicon, software, and security, to workloads that organizations rely on to run their businesses, HPE continues to extend the reach of the HPE GreenLake cloud platform, to help customers accelerate digital transformation and generate tremendous business outcomes.”

At HPE Discover today, HPE unveiled the following set of innovations to the HPE GreenLake cloud platform:

HPE GreenLake Lighthouse: Agile, cloud-native solution removes configuration complexity to rapidly deliver multiple cloud services on-demand

Customers today require agility and flexibility to rapidly configure and provision different workloads based on dynamic business demands. To address these dynamic IT and business needs, HPE is introducing HPE GreenLake Lighthouse, which provides a seamless, intelligent operational experience to easily run and manage different workload-optimized solutions.

HPE GreenLake Lighthouse is a secure, cloud-native infrastructure that removes the entire process of having to order and await for a new configuration by allowing customers to add new cloud services in just a few clicks in HPE GreenLake Central and run them simultaneously in just minutes. Cloud-native and intelligent, HPE Greenlake Lighthouse is built with HPE Ezmeral software to autonomously optimize different cloud services and workloads by composing resources to deliver the best performance, lowest cost or a balance of both, depending on business priorities.

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Customers can use HPE GreenLake Lighthouse to run a variety of cloud services in any location, whether it is in their data center, with a colocation provider of their choice, or at the edge.

Project Aurora: A foundation for HPE GreenLake’s zero-trust architecture

Securing edge-to-cloud is becoming more complex as organizations evolve their architectures to run dynamically scaled applications spanning data centers to edge locations. In addition, attackers increasingly employ advanced exploitation techniques, giving them long-term persistence within an enterprise that enables them to inflict damage at will.

HPE is addressing this challenge with Project Aurora to deliver a cloud-native, zero-trust security to HPE’s edge-to-cloud architecture. Project Aurora will embed within the HPE GreenLake cloud platform building blocks to automatically and continuously verify the integrity of the hardware, firmware, operating systems, platforms, and workloads, including security workloads.

In addition, Project Aurora’s continuous attestation capabilities can be used to automatically detect advanced threats from silicon to cloud, in seconds compared to today’s average of 28 days. These capabilities help enterprises potentially minimize data loss, unauthorized encryption, and valuable data and intellectual property corruption. Project Aurora also complements existing security investments to reduce downtime and protect productivity and revenue.

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The new initiative builds upon HPE’s silicon root of trust technology that is recognized by cyber insurers for reducing risk. When combined with open-source technologies like SPIFFE and SPIRE, Project Aurora enables DevOps and SecDevOps engineering teams to deliver workload identities rooted in continuously verified hardware.

Project Aurora will be first embedded within HPE GreenLake Lighthouse. In the future, it will be embedded within HPE GreenLake cloud services and HPE Ezmeral software to provide customers with a platform-agnostic way to define, create, and deploy a zero-trust architecture straddling edge to cloud.

Silicon on-Demand: Gaining processor core capacity in just a few clicks

HPE is unveiling an innovative pay-per-use, consumption-based pricing model that will optimize at the silicon level to offer a more granular cloud experience with better metering, reduced buffering time and faster deployment.

Available first via the HPE GreenLake cloud platform, HPE will offer flexible consumption capabilities with Silicon on-Demand, a first-of-its-kind feature, developed in partnership with Intel, to add new capacity at a processor core and persistent memory level using Intel® Optane™ technology. HPE is removing the need to order or install new processors by allowing customers to instantly activate and pay for more capacity with just a click.

“As the world becomes increasingly digital, harnessing insights from unprocessed data will depend on technology solutions that take advantage of four key superpowers: cloud, connectivity, artificial intelligence and the intelligent edge. Together with HPE, we innovate from edge to cloud on technology solutions, including Silicon on-Demand, that drive the next wave of digital transformation and improve the life of every human on the planet,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel.

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Compute Cloud Console: Delivering intuitive automatic management for unified compute operations as a service

Many IT teams today still use the same approach to monitoring and managing their computing assets as they did 20 years ago. Over time, as computing needs have increasingly scaled with servers and systems now spanning outside the core data center and at the edge, this approach has become complex and task-intensive, requiring more automated, unified tools.

To help manage this complexity with simple and effortless control capabilities, HPE is introducing unified compute operations as a service with the Compute Cloud Console, an intuitive, cloud-based management service that automates compute operations across an organization’s entire fleet. Based on the HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform, Compute Cloud Console simplifies the infrastructure management experience with a seamless as-a-service experience no matter where workloads are running, from edge to cloud. Additionally, it automates manual tasks such as provisioning and lifecycle management, speeding up time-to-market and eliminating inconsistencies due to human error.

The new Compute Cloud Console builds on to HPE’s latest innovations for delivering centralized consoles with cloud-native management capabilities. The console is built upon the same proven, secure, AI-powered technology that supports Aruba Central, an engine that serves more than one hundred thousand customers and more than a million networked devices. The Compute Cloud Console builds on the recently announced Data Services Cloud Console which provides a cloud-native, software-defined solution for data storage. Similar to the Compute Cloud Console, the Data Services Cloud Console delivers a unified cloud operating model that provides data storage and data services capabilities.

Expanded HPE GreenLake Cloud Services to address large enterprise markets and critical infrastructure requirements

HPE also unveiled a catalog of new cloud services that customers can easily access with just a click using the HPE GreenLake cloud platform. These include cloud services for 5G, electronic medical records, financial services, data and risk analytics, and high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI).

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