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DevOps Institute Opens Upskilling IT 2022 Survey

DevOps Institute Opens Upskilling IT 2022 Survey
The fourth annual upskilling survey focuses on future skills for modern IT organizations

DevOps Institute, a global professional association for advancing and certifying the humans of DevOps, announced the launch of its fourth annual and newly renamed, “Upskilling IT 2022” community survey. The survey will collect data from thousands of IT professionals across the globe to understand which skills are essential for the future of IT. Findings from the survey will be revealed in early 2022. Sponsors of the Upskilling IT 2022 survey include Prisma® Cloud by Palo Alto Networks, The Linux Foundation and Cycloid.

“The Upskilling 2021 report revealed that DevOps Humans remained in high demand despite the challenges we faced in 2020,” said Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute. “We also found that the pressure is on for old IT operating models to change in order to enable DevOps transformations. As more organizations prepare to modernize, the industry needs to better understand the future skills for IT. We are excited to see which skills are shaping the future of tech and which gaps need to be filled.”


The 2022 survey goes beyond DevOps with an enhanced focus on human and cognitive skills. Survey respondents will be asked to answer 40 questions covering a variety of themes, including IT skills challenges and gaps, future skill set requirements, IT hiring trends, upskilling initiatives, operating models and automation tools. The Upskilling IT 2022 report, based on survey findings, will help leaders determine which future skills they should hire, retrain, and upskill for in the future. It will also identify the biggest IT skills gaps and within which roles, as well as how organizations are upskilling.

“After collecting three consecutive years of data from thousands of respondents we have a good understanding of the most important DevOps skill sets and hiring trends,” said Eveline Oehrlich, chief research director at DevOps Institute. “However, in order to keep up with emerging transformation models, it is imperative for IT organizations to ensure that they upskill or reskill their teams for future skills. DevOps Institute aims to help facilitate that preparation by focusing on IT skills for 2022 and beyond. This year we are extending our reach beyond DevOps to ensure the broader IT organization is represented.”

“DevOps is about more than tools and automation. DevOps is about combining skills, frameworks and best practices to create a culture of collaboration that flows through an organization, breaking down the silos that exist between teams and empowering people to focus on what they love and where they add real value,” explained Benjamin Brial, founder at Cycloid. “These foundational beliefs are shared with the DevOps Institute, which is why Cycloid is excited to be a supporter sponsor for its upcoming 2022 Upskilling IT Report as we work together to identify the people skills that will lead to the widespread adoption and success of DevOps. As the digital revolution continues apace, and both large and small enterprises alike grapple with the challenges of tooling complexity, hybrid-cloud adoption, IT talent shortage and upskilling, we welcome and embrace any initiative that means the industry is better prepared to succeed.”

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The Upskilling IT 2022 survey is active through January 31, 2022, and the fourth annual report will be published in early 2022. Download a copy of the Upskilling 2021:

“DevOps was already on track to become the default way software is built and managed across enterprises, a trend which accelerated during the ongoing pandemic,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP and GM, training and certification at The Linux Foundation. “Our own research at The Linux Foundation backs this up, which is one reason we are pleased to sponsor the DevOps Institute’s latest Upskilling Report. It is essential that more development and operations teams become skilled in DevOps principles and practices, and that we provide opportunities for those new to the technology industry to gain these essential skills at the ground level.”

“The security risks of IT modernization need to be taken seriously,” said Matthew Chiodi, VP and chief security officer for Prisma Cloud. “The Upskilling IT 2022 survey allows us to capture first-hand how IT organizations are prioritizing a variety of skills and competencies, including network and application security. It will also help identify any skills gaps and determine which skills will help IT organizations continuously improve well into the future.”

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